Why Twitter Should Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

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There are so many social media platforms to keep track of these days. Between Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, it’s a lot to manage. And it can be challenging to figure out which platforms are worth being on in order to actually see a return on your investment.

If you’re someone who has fallen victim to believing all those people who say Twitter is dead, you may need a little convincing that this platform is still worth your attention in 2020 and beyond. That’s why I want to share why I think Twitter should be an important part of your social media strategy right now.

Why Twitter Should be Part of Your Social Media Strategy

To help you see the value Twitter has to add, here are six reasons why I personally love Twitter and think it’s essential for anyone building their brand.

1. It Can Help Increase Your Brand Awareness

When you’re building a brand, you most likely are on a mission to reach as many people as you can. And having multiple platforms as part of your social media strategy allows you to do that. The key is to make sure your target audience is using Twitter. And since such a diverse group of people are active there, there’s a good chance your people are there too.

If you’re regularly posting on Twitter and engaging with people, you’ll be able to build a loyal audience there over time. Having that audience gets more attention for your brand, which will be beneficial in a number of ways.

2. You’ll Have Another Place to Share Your Content

One of the ways having a Twitter audience will be beneficial is that you can share your latest content with them. When people have blog posts or other content to share, they take to Twitter to spread the word. And Twitter can be a major traffic driver for your website. You just need to be there sharing what you’ve created.

3. The Real-Time Engagement is the Best

Yes, you can absolutely engage with people on any social media platform, but there’s just something so much better about it on Twitter. It feels faster and easier to send a reply there when compared to Facebook and Instagram. And of course, we all know that engaging with other users is really the best part about being present on social media.

Twitter allows us to establish those connections with people from around the world. Which brings me to my next tip that should absolutely be part of your social media strategy…

4. There’s the Amazing World of Twitter Chats

I know, I know… I’m a little biased when it comes to Twitter chats since I run my own (#TwitterSmarter every Thursday). But the thing is, it just doesn’t get any better than a live Twitter chat. They’re an incredible way to share your knowledge, learn new things, and connect with so many people in just the span of one hour.

The key is to figure out which chats would be worth participating in for your brand. What topics could you join a chat about? Which chats would your target audience be likely to participate in? Find them and schedule it into your calendar to make it part of your weekly strategy. If you need help, check out my list of the best Twitter chats for social media and marketing.

5. It’s Also Great for Customer Service

When you have an issue with a company and need help, it used to be that you had to pick up the phone, go through multiple automated menus, and then wait on hold until someone finally answered. These days, we’re more likely to head to social media to get an issue resolved quickly. And the social media platform we turn to? It’s Twitter.

So many companies have made Twitter part of their customer service with a dedicated team ready and waiting to answer your questions. If your brand deals with frequent customer service inquiries, Twitter should be part of your social media strategy to help you address some of these issues. I’ve previously written a post all about using Twitter for customer service if you need some tips on getting started.

6. And It’s Easy to Monitor Trends, Your Community, & More

Thanks to Twitter’s Advanced Search, it’s incredibly easy to find people to connect with and conversations taking place. You can use this tool to boost your engagement by seeing what others are talking about or check out what some of your competitors are up to and what their audience is saying about them. A quick search will even reveal what the hot topics are in your industry at the current time, which can be helpful for generating new content ideas.

With Advanced Search, you can search words, phrases, hashtags, etc. It really gives you a lot of control over the tweets your search returns so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. Put it to good use as part of your social media strategy because you can learn a lot from social listening!