Easy Things to Tweet When Your Creative Juices Aren’t Flowing

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Sometimes social media can feel a little overwhelming, especially when it comes to deciding what to post. After all, there are so many platforms to keep up with. And trying to generate original ideas for each one can leave you feeling pretty burnt out. But I want to help!

Bookmark this post and come back to it whenever you are struggling to come up with ideas for things to tweet. This is sure to get those creative juices flowing and your Twitter feed will always be full of amazing content.

Easy Things to Tweet When Your Creative Juices Aren’t Flowing

These 15 ideas for things to tweet are so easy that you can create and share these posts in no time at all. Give each one a go and see what resonates with your community!

1. Share Your Latest Content

It’s super simple and obvious, but sharing your own content is important if you want more people to see it. You can’t just sit back and wait for people to find it on their own. Don’t be shy about spreading the word because you have amazing content that will help others.

2. Link to an Article You Read & Include Your Thoughts

Sharing curated content on your Twitter profile is always a win. The key is to consider what would be appealing to your audience. What’s something they’d want to learn more about? If you come across an article that shares information they’d love to read, post it! But don’t just share a link. Add your own thoughts and opinions as well to provide more value and drive conversations.

It helps to bookmark your favorite sites so you can refer to them whenever you’re looking for things to tweet. This way, your Twitter queue will never go empty. And your followers there will surely love to see what you have to post.

In the above post, I retweeted a thread that shared some valuable tips and shared my thoughts on it.

3. Record a Quick Video & Tweet It

Video content is where it’s at! And the reason video is so powerful is because people get to see and hear you. It’s almost like they’re right there with you, which helps to build a stronger connection between you and your community. So, if you’re not posting videos… You’re missing out! Get on it!

What you share a video of is really up to you. Think about what would be interesting to your audience. Would they love a quick behind-the-scenes into your day? Film it and post it! You could even share a brief tip that addresses one of the biggest pain points your target audience deals with. Experiment to see what works and have fun with it.

Here’s a great example that Nick from Hootsuite shared!

I have a post all about Twitter video, which includes eight ideas to help you get started!)

4. Ask Your Community What They Need Help With

If you’re really feeling stuck when it comes to things to tweet, all you have to do is ask. Share a tweet asking your audience what they’d like to see from you or if there’s anything you can do to help them. They’ll share their thoughts, which will give you plenty of content ideas moving forward. This is the perfect way to be of service to them.

5. Give a Glimpse Into What You’re Working On

Whether it’s your latest blog post or YouTube video or a course you’re developing, people love to see what you’re up to. By sharing a look at your latest work, it gets people excited for what’s coming up. Think of it like a little teaser to build anticipation.

You could screenshot a portion of your editorial calendar so people can see what content you’ll be posting in the near future. Or you could share a snippet of the content from a book or course you’re creating. You could even grab some audio from an upcoming podcast or a clip from your next YouTube video. It’s all about leaving them wanting more and giving them a reason to stick around.

(I’ve previously written a blog on behind-the-scenes post ideas you should check out.)

6. Seek Feedback on Your Latest Projects

Similarly, by sharing what you’re working on, you can also use that as an opportunity to ask for feedback. If you have an idea of something you want to create, you can test the waters and see if there’s interest by asking for opinions. This can really help shape the content and paid offerings you create within your business.

7. Discuss the Latest News in Your Industry

Your thoughts and opinions on important topics matter. They should absolutely be part of the rotation when it comes to things to tweet about. It’s great when you’re able to open up and talk about things freely, such as the latest news in your field. If something big happened, talk about it. Get a conversation going between you and your community.

If there’s news or a new feature on Twitter, you know I’ll be talking about it!

8. Tweet an Inspirational Quote

People love a good quote because it provides a much-needed boost of motivation. Plus, quotes are highly shareable! If you really want your inspirational quote to grab some attention, include a custom graphic along with your tweet so it stands out in a busy feed.

9. Post a GIF That Depicts How You Feel Today

There’s no denying that GIFs are fun, especially custom GIFs! They can add emotion and humor to your tweets. Not only that, but it can help an otherwise all-text tweet stand out in a busy feed because it’ll grab attention and get people to stop scrolling.

But how can you use GIFs? Well, tweet a GIF that shows how you feel today or what you’re doing. Then, encourage people to do the same by replying to your tweet with a GIF. It boosts engagement and everyone will have a good time participating.

10. Share a Fun Throwback Photo

It doesn’t have to be #throwbackthursday or #flashbackfriday to share an old photo. Go digging in your digital photo albums and find something worth sharing. It could be a photo of you from 10 years ago and you could write a few words about what you would tell the younger version of yourself. Or it could be an old photo that has a story attached, whatever feels good to you!

11. Or a Recent Selfie

No old photos? That’s okay! Snap an in-the-moment selfie and share that to your feed. Then, ask everyone to respond to your post with their own selfie. When it comes to things to tweet, this is so simple and it’s something that can be done in just minutes. Plus, people love to see your smiling face!

12. Snap a Photo of Your Meal

Unless you’re a food blogger or a restauranteur, what you’re eating probably doesn’t have a lot to do with your brand. But guess what? A simple photo of your breakfast can actually attract a lot of attention. It’ll get people to stop scrolling and check out your picture. And they might be inclined to reply saying it looks delicious. It gets the conversation going and drives engagement for you, which is something Twitter’s algorithm loves.

13. Share a Product Recommendation

Is there a tool that you can’t live without in your business? Maybe you recently read a book or listened to a podcast that you think people should check out? Tweet out your recommendation! It’s even better for you if you have an affiliate link you can include since that will send some extra cash your way.

14. Or Recommend People for Your Community to Follow

Back in the day, #FollowFriday was a big thing on Twitter. If you’re not familiar with this trend, it’s basically just recommending new people for your community to follow. But there’s no reason to limit this to Fridays! If you come across a great account or there’s a brand you really love, tell your Twitter followers about it. Share a tweet where you tag the account and share a few words about why they should be interested.

Here’s an example from Kim, who kindly recommended me to her followers!

15. Tell a Funny Story

And last on my list of things to tweet, why not get people laughing? Telling a funny story is a great way to put a smile on the faces of your community members. And if they got a kick out of it, they’ll probably share it with their people as well. It doesn’t matter if it’s a recent story or something that happened five years ago. If you think people will love it, share it! Just make sure you use Twitter threads so it’s easy to follow along.