How to Find Twitter Chats to Participate in Regularly

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By now, we all know the power of an amazing Twitter chat. These chats are the perfect way to connect with like-minded people from around the world, while also learning from experts in a particular field. But there’s just one crucial question here… How exactly do you find Twitter chats that are worthy of participating in?

For most of us, we most likely learned about our favorite chats by seeing others join them first. However, if you aren’t seeing others participating in Twitter chats, you might be feeling a little confused on how to discover the best ones. That’s why I have a few tips to share with you in this post!

How to Find Twitter Chats to Participate in Regularly

To get started, follow the tips I’ve shared in this post to find Twitter chats to add to your weekly calendar. After that, make sure you read my post about best practices for Twitter chat participants so you can stand out.

1. Ask Your Twitter Community Which Chats They Love

Social media isn’t a place to be shy! If you have a question about anything, there’s no shame in asking. That same advice applies when you’re trying to find Twitter chats to be part of. Odds are, those who are following you on Twitter have joined chats in the past. And they may have some great recommendations on highly engaging, valuable Twitter chats to check out.

Simply create a post asking people to share their favorite chats with you. If you’re looking for something centered around a specific topic, make sure you include that. There are plenty of great ones out there for writing, content marketing, social media, and so much more.

2. Browse a Chat Directory for Ideas

Over the years, a number of directories have been created to compile all of the Twitter chats taking place on any given day. Unfortunately, these directories aren’t always entirely reliable since they can get outdated as many chats end. However, they’re still worth checking out.

Directories like Tweet Reports and Twubs allow you to scroll through and see a variety of upcoming chats. If anything catches your eye, do a quick search for the hashtag on Twitter to make sure the chat is still active. If it is, add it to your calendar for the next scheduled date.

3. Seek Suggestions From Industry Authorities

Sometimes you’ll find that your favorite authority figures within your industry are joining Twitter chats or talking about them. If you want to find Twitter chats to participate in yourself, pay attention to their tweets so you can potentially catch them while a chat is going on. A great way to do this is by adding your favorite accounts to a Twitter List to see all their recent posts. This way, you’ll be less likely to miss out on what they’re sharing.

You may even find that some of your favorite people to follow have created round-ups of the Twitter chats they love the most. For instance, I’ve done this myself so people can see which chats I recommend joining! Social Media Examiner has even shared some Twitter chats for marketers on their blog. It’s an older post, but definitely worthy of a read!

Not Finding the Chat That’s Right for You?

If nothing catches your eyes during your search to find Twitter chats to join, don’t freak out. Maybe it’s a sign that you should create a Twitter chat of your very own. Consider whether or not there’s a need for a chat in your industry. If you think there is, post on Twitter asking if people would be interested in joining a chat you’ve created. If there’s enough appeal, move forward with putting it together and see how it goes.

To learn more, this post details some of the benefits of starting your own Twitter chat.