How to Keep Your Twitter Content Fresh

Twitter content

In the world of social media, people aren’t going to be inclined to engage with your posts if you’re always sharing the same old stuff. That’s why it’s important to take steps to keep your Twitter content fresh and exciting. It gives your community on the platform something to look forward to and it keeps them on their toes when it comes to what they expect from you.

So, the question is… Has your Twitter content gone a bit stale? Or are you successfully keeping things attention-grabbing and engaging? If you feel like your tweets could use some freshening up, check out these pro tips!

How to Keep Your Twitter Content Fresh

Here are seven things to keep in mind if you want to stay fresh and relevant on Twitter (plus any other social media platform):

1. Be Real & Genuine

It’s easier to create content when you stay true to yourself. Many people get caught up in following the crowd and trying to do what everyone else is doing. However, that’s a fast way to get yourself lost in the sea of busy social media posts. Instead, embrace what makes you unique. Let your personality and your passion for what you do shine through in the Twitter content you share. That’s what will help people connect with you on a deeper level.

2. Plan Content in Advance, But Remain Flexible

When you plan content ahead of time, you never have to scramble to throw posts together at the last minute. Plus, you’re able to create content in a more strategic way. You can jump on Twitter trends, like #MondayMotivation, to increase your reach on the platform. And you can make sure you’re sharing a balance of a variety of content types so your profile never gets stale or repetitive.

Just remember… Things can change at the blink of an eye, so you always want to be flexible with your content. Stay tuned into what is resonating with your audience and other timely topics so your content can be relevant to what’s going on. There might be something going in the world that you’d like to chime in on or a trending topic that you could add value to. Not only that, but if you notice something just isn’t working for you, then you can always change course.

3. Set Aside Time for Creating & Scheduling Content

You don’t need to show up and share Twitter content in real-time. That’s just not practical for most of us. We all have jobs and other things we need to take care of. We can’t be required to remember to post every day at noon. That’s why it’s better to block off time in your calendar to batch your content creation and scheduling process.

Consider how often you’d like to sit down and tackle this. Do you want to create and schedule a month’s worth of Twitter content in one sitting? Or would it be more manageable for you to just focus on a week or two at a time? Figure out what works for you, then block off time in your calendar to get it done.

But keep in mind that scheduling content doesn’t mean your work is done. Far too many people schedule content and walk away, failing to check in on the social media platforms they’re using. You should still make time to check in and engage with others, while also seeing what other creators are sharing. You never know when you might stumble upon some awesome content to share to you profile!

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4. Experiment With Different Kinds of Twitter Content

Just sharing text only posts can get a little dull! And that’s simply not going to grab the attention of your target audience! On Twitter, you should be experimenting with a variety of tweets so things always stay fresh on your profile. To do this, you can share text posts, eye-catching graphics, videos, and GIFs. You can even through in a poll here and there for extra engagement! Just make sure you’re changing it up. And remember to check your analytics to see if one kind of content performs better than others.

As you can see in the tweet above, I don’t just repost links to my blog posts. I also share valuable tips I know my audience would benefit from.

5. Conduct Some A/B Tests & See What Resonates

It may sound like extra work you simply don’t have time for, but A/B testing can really transform your Twitter content. For anyone who wants to see more growth and engagement on the platform, they need to get serious about tweeting posts that are genuinely what their audience wants.

That’s why it’s worth testing a variety of options when sharing a single blog post, for example. You can change up the copy, the graphic, and even the hashtags to see what generates the best results in terms of click-throughs and replies. Pay attention to any trends you notice so you can duplicate what works (and avoid what doesn’t) when creating future content.

6. Don’t Feel Obligated to Only Post Original Content

You can curate content from other amazing sources and still provide tremendous value to your followers on Twitter. To get started, create a Twitter list with some of your favorite accounts that share posts your target audience would also enjoy. This way, you can retweet and engage with their content. And you’ll be able to easily discover their recent blog posts that you can share alongside your opinions.

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7. Save Links to Articles for Easy Access Later

You won’t get stuck for ideas when you have a document that links to plenty of amazing, evergreen posts. Create a Google Doc with your evergreen blog posts, YouTube videos, and podcast episodes (really whatever content you create). Then, you can easily refer to this and grab the link whenever you need something to post. It’s much easier than having to search for it on your site every time.

Do the same for content from other publications as well. If your come across a great post that would be of interest to your target audience, save it as well. You can post it now and well into the future as long as it’s evergreen. Feedly is a really handy tool for staying updated with the latest posts from your favorite sites.