7 Easy Ideas for Better Networking on Twitter

networking on twitter

Guess what? Networking on Twitter doesn’t have to be challenging or intimidating. It can actually be easy and you can even have some fun with it! In this post, I wanted to share some timeless tips that will help you grow your community on Twitter, establish a strong relationship with them, and even generate some sales.

7 Easy Ideas for Better Networking on Twitter

Here are the tips you need to know so you can get started ASAP! From sprucing up your profile to starting conversations, these tips are sure to help you get noticed.

1. Make Sure Your Profile is Complete

No photo? Missing bio? That’s definitely not a good look! If you want to give off a great first impression to people when networking on Twitter, you need your profile to be complete and it has to tell people what you’re all about. Otherwise, they won’t be able to tell if you’re someone worth following.

Make Sure Your Bio Clearly States What You’re All About

Your profile should have a great photo that shows your face (or your brand’s logo), a bio that explains what you do, your location, and a link to your website. Also, don’t forget to upload a nice header image and pin a tweet that will grab the attention of your target audience. For more tips, read my post all about how to make your Twitter profile stand out.

2. Tweet Often to Gain More Exposure

If you’re ready to get serious about networking on Twitter, then you’ll want to consider how often you’re actually posting. By posting consistently, you stand a better chance at reaching more people because you’re regularly putting yourself out there. So, if you’re currently only posting five times per day, try increasing it to 10 posts. Just experiment and see what works for you. What’s doable when it comes to how many quality posts you can create each day?

3. Focus on Providing Value Over Making Sales

Gary Vaynerchuk provided some wise advice in his book, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook. If you’re not familiar with it, Gary basically explains that you need to throw a few jabs before you come in with your right hook. That translates to providing value before you post a call to action asking for any kind of sale.

If your Twitter feed is looking like a bunch of promo for your latest offerings, it’s time to change things up. Ask yourself how you can provide more genuine value for your followers without expecting anything in return. Link to your latest content or content from other quality sources you know they’d appreciate. Make that your focus. And sprinkle in those CTAs here and there.

Searching for some ideas on what to post that doesn’t include a pitch? This post has 15 easy things to tweet when inspiration is low.

4. Take the Initiative and Engage With Others

Sitting around and waiting for people to engage with you is a big mistake. Instead, you need to work up the confidence to put yourself out there and start conversations with new people. Otherwise, it’s going to take a long time for you to make the connections you desire.

I highly recommend searching for posts that you can respond to. Check out the account of some other people in your industry or search relevant topics. If you see a tweet that presents you with the opportunity to add something valuable, do it! Share your thoughts and opinions and get the conversation going. It also never hurts to ask engaging questions on your own account.

P.S. This post has some hacks on generating more conversations that will definitely help you out!

5. Participate in Twitter Chats Often

Another way to increase how often you’re engaging with others is by joining Twitter chats. I’ve been hosting my own chat, #TwitterSmarter, since 2015. And I can say, without a doubt, that it’s one of the best ways to build your community and establish your authority within your field.

Chats provide you with an opportunity to connect with likeminded people from all around the world. And you’re able to share your expertise with everyone by answering questions shared by the chat’s host. You never know when a chat might lead to your next client or help you find a new friend.

Just remember the advice in the above tweet. No promotion! Chats are a place to share what you know and meet new people. It’s not for directly promoting your offerings. Allow people to get to know you through a chat first. Sales may come later.

6. Use Twitter Lists to Keep Track of Networking Opportunities

Lists can really come in handy when you want to get to know certain people and stay connected with them. Instead of seeking them out by looking up their profiles all the time, you can create a List of the people you’re most interested in. Then, you can refer to the List and see what they’re posting.

It’s a simple way to find new conversations to join or content to engage with. A quick scroll through your Lists every day will present you with plenty of opportunities to make a connection. If you’ve never created a List before, you might be wondering how to do it. Luckily, I’ve created a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

7. Always be Yourself

At the end of the day, the best advice I can offer for networking on Twitter is to just be yourself. If you try to be someone you’re not, people will see right through you. Allow your personality to shine through with the posts you share and you’ll surely resonate with and attract all the right people.