How You’re Scaring Away Twitter Followers

scaring away twitter followers

We all want to build our following on Twitter, right?

We want to know that the content we share is attracting people and impacting their lives. The last thing anyone wants to do is to scare away potential Twitter followers or drive others to unfollow. However, there are a few things you might be doing that could be stopping them from hitting that “Follow” button.

And with Halloween right around the corner, why not put a festive twist on it?

How You’re Scaring Away Twitter Followers

So, how might you be spooking people off your Twitter profile? Here are a few ghastly mistakes you might be making that are preventing your growth:

1. Wearing Tons of Different Masks

When building your presence on social media, having a clear focus is key. People should be able to visit your profile and have an understanding of what you’re all about. Based on your bio and the tweets you’re posting, they should be able to see what kind of work you do and even have a sense if they’re part of your target audience or not.

However, if you’re posting about tons of different topics every day, it can be hard to figure you out. It’s almost like you keep putting on these different Halloween costume masks in order to become someone else. To attract your target audience to you, you want to create content that will appeal to them.

This doesn’t mean you can only talk about what your brand does and nothing else. You can absolutely share photos of your food or talk about your favorite TV shows. But your primary focus should be on sharing the content that serves your audience. Just sprinkle in tweets about different topics from time to time. This is a good way to show your varied interests without scaring away Twitter followers.

2. Sharing Too Many Tricks

When I think of tricks on social media, clickbait is definitely one that comes to mind. If you don’t know what clickbait means, it’s sharing a misleading or sensationalist headline in order to gain more attention. Typically, when a reader clicks on one of these headlines, they’ll land on an article that doesn’t exactly fulfill the promises the headline made.

No tricks here! My headlines are always an accurate depiction of what you can expect from my article.

If you’re always sharing clickbait tweets, readers will start to feel tricked. They’re going to get frustrated. They won’t trust what you’re sharing. And ultimately, they’ll make the decision to unfollow. They won’t be coming to you for tricks or treats anymore.

3. And Not Providing Enough Treats

Another way you could be scaring away Twitter followers is by failing to provide value. Think of it as handing out delicious candy treats. Your community on the platform wants to see high-quality, relevant content from you. They want to learn from you and receive content that solves their pain points. If you find that you’re losing followers and struggling to see growth, ask yourself if you’re sharing valuable tweets.

If you aren’t, think about what your target audience might want to see from you. Then, create content with their interests and needs in mind. That’s sure to get you more attention and a larger following. And if you need some help, check out these ideas for great tweets.

4. Ghosting Your Community

One of the biggest mistakes brands make on Twitter is turning into a ghost. Meaning, they ignore the responses they receive from their community. They fail to respond to questions and comments people are sending their way. Not cool!

I always strive to respond to the tweets I receive. Not only that, but I try to go above and beyond with video replies or custom GIFs.

Your community won’t feel appreciated if you aren’t bothering to listen to what they have to say. If you want to build a strong relationship with them, you need to have conversations in order to establish a connection. So, don’t neglect them otherwise you’ll risk scaring away the Twitter followers you do have.

I have a post all about handling customer service on Twitter that shares some helpful tips on better serving your community. Definitely read this so you can efficiently address their needs.

5. Performing a Disappearing Act

This one is similar to ghosting, but instead of ignoring people, you’re simply disappearing. What I mean by this is, you aren’t being consistent with posting. People will go days without seeing new tweets from you. And let’s face it, that’s scaring people off. We want to follow active, engaging accounts that provide great content. Are you doing that? Or are you leaving your Twitter profile to collect virtual cobwebs?