4 Social Media Tasks to Tackle Ahead of the New Year

social media tasks

As we head into a brand new year, there are many things to do! We’re setting goals and making plans, but there’s something you definitely don’t want to neglect if you want to set yourself up for success. And that something is your online presence.

There are actually a few social media tasks you can add to your to-do list to make sure your profiles are in tip-top shape to kick off the year ahead. The best part is that they’re all relatively easy to do, so you should be able to fit them into your busy schedule with ease.

4 Social Media Tasks to Tackle Ahead of the New Year

Here are four things I suggest doing with all of your social media profiles ASAP! Just block off a couple of hours in your day and dive in. Afterwards, you’ll feel good knowing that your profiles accurately represent what you’re all about and that you have a plan for the months to come.

1. Decide Which Platforms Are Worth Using

These days, we’re all on multiple social media platforms. We’re using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and a number of others so we can stay in front of our audience. Not only that, but these platforms have a variety of ways to create content. For example, Instagram has the feed, Stories, IGTV, and Reels. Twitter has the main feed and Fleets. It can sometimes feel a little overwhelming to keep track of everything.

The question to ask as we head into a new year is whether or not all of those platforms are necessary for our brands. So, which platforms are you currently using and how are you creating content for each one? Is this paying off for you or are there areas that don’t seem to be worth the time and effort you’re putting in? If you aren’t getting the results you desire, you need to decide if you should tweak your strategy or invest your attention elsewhere.

Not only that, but you’ll want to consider the platforms you’re not yet using. Are there any that you’re feeling called to join? Maybe this coming year will be when you finally stop lurking and create that TikTok account. What matters is that you’re using platforms where you can truly shine and be in front of your target audience.

2. Update Your Social Media Profiles

When was the last time you gave your social media presence a little makeover? If it’s been a while, make sure this is one of the social media tasks on your to-do list before the year comes to an end. You want to give off a good first impression when someone visits your profile! Here are the updates you can make:

  • If your profile picture doesn’t exactly look like the current you (maybe you have a new hairstyle!), take a recent photo and update all of the platforms you use. It’s smart to always use the same picture so you have consistency.
  • Refresh your bio to clearly state who you are, what you do, and who you serve. This will help people determine whether or not they want to follow you right off the bat.
  • Upload new header images on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Make sure they tie into your branding and communicate your big mission with your brand.
  • Pin new posts on Twitter and Facebook so you can grab attention with the first post someone sees upon stumbling across your profile. It could promote an evergreen blog post or it might be a call to action to join your list.
  • Create new highlights on Instagram to introduce yourself and your brand to the world.

I have a post all about making your Twitter profile stand out. It has 11 tips that will help you make a splash on Twitter. Many of these tips can apply to other platforms as well.

3. Set Some Social Media Goals for Yourself

Nothing like a little end-of-the-year goal setting, right? Setting goals gives you something to work towards. It allows you to develop a plan to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Then, you can track your progress along the way so you can see where you need to make changes if you get off course. If you haven’t already set a few social media goals for the year ahead, now is the perfect time to get started.

Consider things like the growth and engagement you’d like to see on each of your platforms over the year. I have a post all about common social media goals and how you can achieve them effortlessly. Definitely give it a read if you want some help setting goals!

4. Then, Use Analytics to Shape Your New Year’s Strategy

This is probably the most important of these social media tasks. Having a strategy ensures you are posting with a purpose instead of just sharing random content whenever you feel like it. If you really want to see major growth and results in the year ahead, you want to be smart about what you share and when.

Take some time to review your analytics over the course of this past year. You can use built-in analytics that platforms provide or the analytics included with third-party schedulers. Be on the lookout for content that performed really well. For instance, if you notice that long-form posts on Facebook got a lot of attention from your target audience, you’ll know to create more of that in this new year.

It’s all about embracing what already works and resonates with your audience. Then, you can experiment with new ideas to see if those things perform well for you too. Your analytics hold all the answers. You just have to pay attention!

If you ever feel unsure of what to watch for on Twitter, this post features the most important metrics. It’s worth tracking these each month so it’ll be easier to review at the end of the year.