8 Ideas for New Year’s Social Media Posts

New Year's social media posts

With a brand new year upon us, many are busy setting goals and creating plans for the months ahead. But before you dive into all that, why not end this year on a high note by sharing some social media posts that help you say goodbye to one year and ring in another?

8 Ideas for New Year’s Social Media Posts

To help you out, I’m sharing a few ideas of things you can share across various social media platforms in celebration of another year. Pick the ones that feel good to you and that you think your audience would be most interested in seeing.

1. Post a Photo Recap of the Past Year

No matter how difficult a year may have been for you, there’s always reason to celebrate! And a great way to do that is by scrolling through your camera roll and reliving some of your memories from the past year.

Then, you can take your favorite photos and share them on social media. It allows people to see what happened in your world. Share any stories associated with the photos because it’s a great way to show your community that you’re relatable. You can even encourage them to share a photo recap of the year on their social platforms as well.

2. Share the Goals You’re Working Toward

This time of year, we’re all setting goals and daydreaming about what we want to happen over the next 12 months. So, why not share it in your social media posts? When you tell people what you’re going to be working on, it’s a way to hold yourself accountable. If you want, you can even do monthly check-ins moving forward to share your progress.

While you’re at it, throw in some of your best tips for reaching your goals. That’s something your community is sure to benefit from, as we’re all working toward big things.

I have a post all about setting Twitter goals if you need help figuring out what you’d like to achieve with your presence on the platform over the next year.

3. Provide a Little Inspiration

Do you have a motivational story that you can share to get everyone fired up? Or maybe you have a collection of inspirational quotes that you really love? Either way, this is the perfect time to share things like that because we’re all looking for something to lift our spirits.

I love sharing quotes on Twitter on a daily basis. Not only does it motivate me, but I know it motivates those who follow me as well. Another benefit of quotes is that they’re highly shareable. Everyone loves to share the good vibes they offer.

4. Share Lessons Learned From Mistakes Made in the Past Year

Another way to reflect on the previous year in your social media posts is to share any valuable lessons you’ve learned. Because guess what? We all make mistakes and experience failures. And when you share what you’ve learned from your mishaps with others, it shows you’re human. It makes your community feel better about their own mistakes.

Not only that, but sharing your cautionary tale could help others avoid winding up in the same situation. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable on social media. People love when their favorite brands can really open up and share transparent, genuine stories.

5. Give a Teaser for What You’re Doing Next

You want to get people excited for what you’re working on next, right? So, give them a little teaser of something you’ll be working on in the upcoming year. This way, they’ll know what they have to look forward to and they can be excited alongside you.

If you’re developing a new coaching program, creating a course, or maybe launching a podcast, share it! Not only will it hold you accountable to make it happen, but everyone is sure to be excited about your upcoming project. All you need to do is share little snippets as you’re developing this brand new thing. It could be a glimpse at a sales page or a course curriculum or even a clip from a video or podcast episode.

6. Host a Giveaway to Show Thanks

If you can, create some social media posts where you host a giveaway for something your target audience would love. You could purchase an Amazon gift card or a product that you know they’d find beneficial. Or you could even do a giveaway for one of your own offerings, such as a product or a service.

It’s such a simple way to say thank you to those who have followed and supported you over the past year. Plus, it can be a great way to generate more awareness for your brand and attract new people your way as you head into a new year.

This post features more ways to give thanks to your Twitter followers.

7. Have a New Year’s Countdown With Your Community

There’s absolutely no shame in staying home on New Year’s Eve, but that doesn’t mean you have to ring in the new year alone. If you don’t have anyone to celebrate with in-person, you can absolutely gather your online community for a virtual New Year’s bash.

Consider going live on a platform like Instagram or Facebook so you all can hang out together and chat. Use this time to reflect on the past year and discuss goals for the year ahead. You can even make it a fun Q&A session where you answer all the burning questions your community has been dying to ask you. Or if you have some valuable tips and tricks that would benefit your audience in a brand new year, you can share that too.

8. Offer a Sale to Kick off the Year

Having a sale is another great way to say thank you. If you have a product that you can create a coupon code for and promote as the year begins, do it. It’ll be a fantastic way to drive sales, which is something every business owner wants.

Create some social media posts promoting the sale so you can generate plenty of awareness. Whenever you’ve got a launch or a sale going on, you can’t be shy! You need to speak up and tell people about what you’re offering and the benefits it’ll provide. Leave them wanting more and rushing to the checkout.