About Clubhouse, Whether You Should Join, and Improving the App


Clubhouse is the latest social media platform that the world is buzzing about.

At this time, the app is only available for the iPhone (no Android option just yet). And it remains invite-only, making it feel rather exclusive as people wait to secure their spot on the platform. There’s actually been such a demand for people to join that some members are even selling invites for hundreds of dollars to those who are waiting to be accepted. (I definitely advise against this!)

However, it just goes to show how desperate people are to be included in the conversations happening via Clubhouse. After all, it’s the talk of the social media world at the moment.

But what exactly is the deal with this platform?

And is it really worth it for you to join yet another social media app?

Having had the chance to explore Clubhouse myself, I’m giving you the scoop on what this platform is all about. Plus, I’m even sharing some thoughts from another creator in the industry who has already seen success on Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse?

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Clubhouse is an audio-only platform that allows people to chat in real-time. It’s a place to provide valuable tips and tricks, share your story, and make connections with other like-minded people. I like to think of it as a radio show that has one or more hosts and gives the live audience a chance to easily chime in.

Once you open the app, you can scroll through and check out “rooms” that are currently live and you can view a calendar to see upcoming rooms that have been pre-scheduled. A room is where the conversations take place. You can pop in and out of any that are of interest to you. And if you see a room that you’d like to attend, you might want to add it to your calendar because there’s no way to listen in after the room has closed. This definitely adds a sense of urgency mixed with a little FOMO because you have to be present to take in the conversations.

You can host your own rooms and lead the conversation around topics that appeal to you and your target audience. Or you can choose to participate in rooms others organize by listening and learning. And if you ever have anything to add while listening, you simply need to tap the button to “raise your hand” and wait to be accepted to the panel of speakers.

It really is a fun way to have conversations online. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about being in your pajamas because no one is going to see you! That’s definitely a plus to a platform that focuses just on audio.

So, Should I Invest Time Into Clubhouse?

Well, it’s really up to you whether or not you decide to join Clubhouse. But if you’re looking for my opinion, then I’d say it’s absolutely worth trying out. While it can sometimes feel overwhelming to incorporate another social media platform to your content strategy, it’s still worth at least testing the waters to see if it clicks for you.

The reality is, audio content isn’t for everyone. And that’s okay! You might still want to join Clubhouse to simply partake as a listener. There are some amazing conversations taking place there and it’s a great way to educate yourself. But if you find that you love to talk and you have a lot to share, you may really shine here.

What Another Creator Thinks


clubhouse profile

I reached out to my friend Bonnie Frank, who is an online visibility expert, social media strategist, and business coach. She has been very active on Clubhouse. In fact, she’s killing it! Bonnie has generated over 3,000 followers in less than one month on the platform.

She feels that the app is worthwhile for those who believe in Clubhouse’s bigger mission. What is that mission, you ask? Well, their goal is, “Connecting people from different backgrounds and perspectives so they can have deep and meaningful conversations.”

Bonnie has already been able to monetize her presence there. She told me, “Monetization is not yet built into the app, but it will be soon; however, I began monetizing the app in five days from simply starting rooms and delivering value. People then reached out to me and hired me. No advertising, no complicated funnel.”

Very impressive!

If You Want In, Here’s How to Join

There are two ways you can currently access the Clubhouse app. The first option is to seek out someone who has available invites. You’ll simply need to provide this person with your phone number and they can then send the invite your way. Boom, you’re in! (As I mentioned above, please do not resort to purchasing an invite from someone.)

The other option is to visit Clubhouse’s website. The site presents you with the option to download their app from the Apple App Store, which then gives you the chance to reserve your username. You definitely don’t want someone to snag it before you can! If you already have friends on Clubhouse, they may receive a notification letting them know you’ve reserved your username. They’ll then have the option to wave you through, whether or not they have invitations available. This can help you move to the front of the line quickly.

Where Can the App Make Improvements?

Because the app is still in its early days, things certainly aren’t perfect. People have experienced glitches on occasion and there are a few features people feeling are missing and would love to see be added in the future. But don’t let this deter you! Being one of the early Clubhouse users can actually be really exciting and provides a great opportunity to establish yourself.

clubhouse club

Bonnie’s club on Clubhouse: Business Fabulous for Female Entrepreneurs

Bonnie told me she would like for the app to become more user-friendly, particularly when it comes to adding club members. You can actually start your own club, which people can join. This allows them to be notified whenever a club is hosting a new room. You’ll want to find a few clubs that are focused around topics that are of interest to you so you can join in.

Here are Bonnie’s thoughts on this… “Right now, when someone follows your club and wants to be a member, they must be manually added one-by-one. I hired a VA to help with this, but our club members are growing exponentially… (Almost 9,000 in less than two weeks.) I’d like to have a closed-club event, but I won’t do it until everyone who wants to be a member actually is a member.”

Another issue that users have brought up is accessibility. For those who are deaf or have difficulty hearing, Clubhouse is of no use to them. There aren’t currently any options for closed captioning. Hopefully, this is a feature that gets added in the future.