Twitter Spaces Tips: Real Advice From a Beta Tester


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It’s no secret that I’m kind of obsessed with Twitter Spaces at the moment.

Because of Spaces, so many people have revived their interest in what is, undeniably, my favorite social media platform. It’s been amazing seeing other Twitter users jump on board to test out this new feature for themselves, but especially those who maybe weren’t taking Twitter all that seriously beforehand.

And that’s exactly the case when it comes to Twitter user, Gabbi. You’ll find her at @IAMSHE6. She’s a scientist, loves to travel the world, and she was lucky enough to be one of the people beta testing Twitter Spaces. When she was granted that access, she chose to use it to her advantage.

Screen shot of Gabbi's profile before and after joining Spaces.

Recently, she got my attention by sharing some stats regarding the growth of her Twitter account after she began hosting consistently. This prompted me to reach out to her because I knew I had to get her Twitter Spaces tips and pass them along to you.

Twitter Spaces Tips: Real Advice From a Beta Tester

As mentioned above, Gabbi wasn’t consistently using Twitter before becoming a Spaces beta tester. Yes, she had an account and posted content here and there, however she kept it private. She did test out hosting audio-only conversations over on the Clubhouse app and used it regularly for two weeks. It was through Clubhouse that she realized the power of using her voice and her influence to help others, which is why she decided to give Spaces a go.

She has seen some impressive growth in that time, which I’ll share below, along with some Twitter Spaces tips from the both of us.

What Specific Results Have You Seen Since You Started Spaces?

The first thing that Gabbi noticed is that her follower count significantly increased once she began showing up on Twitter Spaces. Not only that, but she realizes these aren’t just any followers. They’re authentic followers who are interested in what she has to say. And really, that’s going to be crucial in her long-term success on the app and in her future endeavors. She now has an engaged community that’s watching what she shares.

Screenshot of Gabbi's Twitter analytics

Gabbi added that her impact, influence, and visibility (along with other statistics) have increased as well. In the above screenshot she provided, you can see that her tweet impressions, profile visits, and followers have quite frankly skyrocketed. And this is all thanks to her use of Twitter Spaces.

Is There Any One Thing That’s Been Instrumental to Your Success?

Now, I know you’re wondering what Gabbi did to help her account grow so much in a short period of time. When asked if there’s anything in particular that was key to getting these results, she responded with some great advice.

“I believe the reason why I’m able to grow so quickly is because I’m very mindful of situations, conversations, and experiences across the world due to my travel that I do for fun. So, when I’m in a Space, I am very mindful of the feelings of different people in the Space and the fact that different sexes have certain behaviors, different cultures have different perspectives and life experiences. So, I consider those factors when I speak. I help facilitate those conversations in such a way that those who didn’t understand where someone was coming from may better understand.”

She’s really using her own unique experiences to bridge the gap in the conversations she’s having to help bring people from around the world together. Truly amazing and it really is the power of social media!

Here are some additional Twitter Spaces tips that could help you generate similar results:

  • Go live consistently to establish your presence and increase the likelihood of reaching more people. Showing up often is key to expanding your audience.
  • Always provide valuable takeaways for your audience. Cover the topics that showcase your expertise and address things they want to learn about or need help with.
  • Remind people to follow you when you’re wrapping up the conversation. This way, they don’t miss your tweets and the future Spaces you host.
  • Participate in Spaces that others are hosting by listening in on their conversations and adding your unique perspective.

What Makes a Great Conversation on Twitter Spaces?

When it comes to standing out online, the best thing you can do is to serve your audience. They’re in search of high-quality, valuable content. And if you’re the one to provide that, they’ll be inclined to follow and pay attention to what you say. Not only that, but your audience will appreciate it if you give them a voice and listen to their thoughts. Gabbi offered some advice along the same perspective.

“I make it about the listeners and other speakers. I do my best to help everyone in the Space contribute to the conversation. And I try to not be long-winded with my messages and pause after I make particular points to allow folks time to react to them. In a sense, I do not hog my Space and make it all about me.”

It’s almost as if Gabbi acts as a vessel for all these people to come together. While she leads the conversation and provides valuable insights for her audience, she does more than that. She opens up the floor, allowing them to speak, share their opinions, and ask questions. It’s important that your conversations on Spaces aren’t one-sided and are, instead, a two-way street of communication.

So, is Twitter Spaces Worth Being Part of Your Strategy?

Gabbi thinks so and I do as well. Even though it’s still a new feature at the time of this post, it’s worth taking advantage of. It can be a great way to position yourself as a thought leader in your field. Plus, it helps you gain exposure to a wider range of people. And who doesn’t want to get their personal or business brand out there for the world to see? Just implement some of these Twitter Spaces tips so it can be as beneficial for you as it has been for Gabbi!

And don’t just focus on hosting your own Spaces. Be part of the conversations others are hosting as well. This is a fantastic way to meet new people and create more awareness for the brand you’re building. So, if you see some of your favorite creators are hosting Spaces, join in on the fun!