6 Ingredients of a Twitter Bio That Attracts Followers

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Part of making your Twitter profile stand out is crafting the perfect bio.

After all, this is one of the first things people will see when they visit your profile.

They’ll read your Twitter bio to see if you’re the kind of person they’d like to follow. That’s why you want to use this valuable real estate to share what you do, showcase your awesomeness, and leave people wanting more.

But the thing is, sometimes writing a great Twitter bio can feel a little intimidating. (What on earth should you write anyway?!) To help you out, here are a few tips you can use.

6 Ingredients of a Twitter Bio That Attracts Followers

All you need to do is incorporate these six ingredients and you’re sure to craft a bio that you (and potential followers) will fall in love with.

1. Make the Most of the Available Characters

The one thing to keep in mind as you craft your Twitter bio is that there is a character limit. Twitter only gives you 160 characters to communicate everything you want. That’s not a lot of space, let’s be honest! However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t write a great bio within those constraints. Just be sure that you’re getting the most important points across. And use the examples within this post to help you get creative with the space you do have.

screenshot of Madalyn Sklar's Twitter profile

Before we dive into the rest of the tips, here’s a little inspiration for you, using my Twitter bio as an example. I clearly state what I do using smart keywords (Twitter Marketing Expert). I add personality by including emojis and mentioning my love of tattoos. And I bring up two of the most important brand-building events I host, which are #TwitterSmarter and the times I go live on Twitter Spaces each week.

2. Introduce Yourself & What You Do

What would you like someone to know about you when they stumble upon your profile for the very first time? Well, you probably want to tell them what your personal brand or your business is all about. This way, they can quickly determine whether or not your account is something that would be of interest to them.

You might want to mention the kind of work you do, your brand’s mission, or what kind of products or services you provide. This prevents people from having to dig through your tweets or your website to determine what you have to offer. Instead, it’s there front and center so they can decide if they’d like to hit that “Follow” button.

screenshot of Amy Porterfield's Twitter profile

Amy Porterfield gets straight to the point in her bio, stating exactly what her business is all about. Her focus is on, “helping entrepreneurs build engaged email lists, digital courses, and profitable webinars.” Someone who is interested in any of those things would likely give her a follow.

3. Sprinkle the Right Keywords in Your Bio

If you want to attract followers to your account, you need to be discoverable. One of the ways to do that is to use specific keywords in your bio so you’ll show up in search results, whether that’s on Twitter or on Google. Consider what kind of keywords someone in your target audience might search in order to find an account like yours. Find a way to naturally work that into your bio, like when you share what kind of work you do.

screenshot of Jessika Phillips Twitter profile

If someone is on Twitter looking for a “Relationship Marketing” expert, they’ll likely come across Jessika Phillips in the search results. She made sure to include an important keyword that accurately depicts what she does so she’ll be found by the right people.

4. Inject a Little Personality Into It

When you think about your personal brand or your business, consider what three characteristics you’d like people to use when describing you. Would you like to come across as fun, playful, and humorous? Or would you prefer to be seen as helpful, serious, and authoritative? Those are obviously two completely different vibes. And you can use your Twitter bio to communicate that through the words you choose.

For example, a brand that wants to be seen as fun and light-hearted might want to crack a joke and include emojis. (Just be sure to use those emojis wisely since they do count toward your character limit!) This wouldn’t be appropriate for a serious, corporate company though.

screenshot of Jeff Dwoskin's Twitter profile

Jeff Dwoskin adds a little flair to his bio by using emojis. It’s subtle, but it helps to accentuate each new line of text while still looking clean.

5. Sing Your Praises With Some Social Proof

Social proof is essentially a way for you to brag about your awesomeness and communicate the value you have to add to the world. If you’ve received any kind of certifications or an award that’s related to the work you do, mention it in your Twitter bio. The key here is to show people that you’re an authority in your field and that you really know your stuff.

screenshot of Jenny Hale's Twitter profile

Jenny Hale’s bio is all about her career as an author, however she casually throws in that her books are behind a couple Hallmark movies as well. That’s sure to get a potential follower’s attention! She also includes that she’s a best-selling author and mentions the various companies who have published her work.

6. End With a Call to Action

What’s something you’d like people to do after they read your Twitter bio? You might want to encourage them to follow you, visit your website, or subscribe to your email list for a freebie. Whatever it is, it’s important that you tell them what that next step is.

We can’t always count on people to figure it out and take action on their own. Sometimes we need to hold their hand and lead them where we’d like them to go next. It’s the same reason we include calls to action in our social media posts, encouraging people to read a blog, download something, or make a purchase. There’s an entire psychology behind the call to action that shows how effective they can be.

screenshot of Jim Katzaman's Twitter profile

While it may not be the typical one-word CTA you’re used to, Jim Katzaman’s bio asks a powerful question that likely gets a lot of people reaching out to him for a chat.

Want Me to Review Your Twitter Bio?

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