Using Twitter to Promote Yourself as an Amazon Influencer

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If you haven’t noticed already, Amazon is slowly expanding its pool of products and services. One of the latest is the Amazon Influencer program and live streaming options. Jim Fuhs, our #TwitterSmarter team member and President of Fuhsion Marketing, is a pro at using Amazon tools to grow his brand. So this week, we caught up with Jim to chat about Amazon’s new platforms and how you can use them in line with Twitter to reach a broad audience and make money through your efforts. Here’s a summary of our chat.

Guest: Jim Fuhs
Topic: Using Twitter to promote yourself as an Amazon Influencer
Format: Eight questions directed at the guest. Everyone’s welcome to share.

Q1: What is an Amazon Influencer?

You’ve likely heard of Amazon’s affiliate program. Once you sign up as an Amazon Associate, you can start earning a commission when people purchase through your affiliate link. The Amazon Influencer program, as Jim told us, is the next step.

Jim’s business partner, Chris joined us for the chat as well, and he mentioned that Jim’s always sharing helpful tips about becoming approved as an Amazon Influencer and being a good one.

Q2: What are the benefits of becoming an Amazon Influencer?

Heaps, as our guest pointed out. Among other things, you get a dedicated page from which people can shop your products on Amazon, and the possibility of working with brands which leads to instant monetization. You can even make your product page more inviting to shoppers by adding photos, links to your livestreams, and product reviews.

If you’re used to livestreaming on various platforms, you also get paid to do what you do anyway. As Scott mentioned, it’s an impressive start.

Q3: How does someone become an Amazon Influencer?

For starters, join the affiliate program as an Amazon Associate. Once you’re in, you can apply to become an influencer. Then choose your strongest social media channel to be approved through.

Our guest Jim and his business partner, Chris, put together a video to explain how this process works. You can check it out at their course page:

Q4: How does Twitter help an Amazon Influencer?

Amazon is all about repurposing your content. You can link back to your shop, content, and videos, and earn affiliate commissions for sales through those shared links. Twitter can be a great gateway into your Amazon shop page.

Q5: What is Amazon Live?

It’s Amazon’s own live streaming platform. You can directly stream onto, and as you become more consistent and popular, your live videos will also play on Amazon product pages, giving you a broader visibility. Check out Jim’s show to get an idea of how a livestream show looks:

The good thing, though, is that you can also use third-party live streaming platforms to go live on Amazon. If you already run live shows, you can just set Amazon as your new destination. The platform also enables audience engagement and followership so you can build your own community as well.

Q6: How can Twitter Lists help you grow as an Amazon Influencer?

Twitter Lists are an amazing way to unite a group of users in one place. For instance, to help grow your influence on Amazon, you can create Twitter lists of people you’ve interviewed on your live shows. If you usually interview book authors, you could create a list of these authors and engage with them regularly on Twitter. They might well be interested in checking out each other’s books. You can even create a list of brands that you like to partner with and promote their products. The more visibility you give them, the more they’ll want to work with you.

Q7: What tools do you use to repurpose Amazon content for Twitter?

Jim’s favorites include Lately for social media management and scheduling, Easil to create brand designs, and Adobe Spark and Canva for creating other various banner designs.

Q8: Do you use any special tactics to promote Amazon Live on Twitter?

Jim has a few tricks up his sleeve that he shared with us.

  • Sharing little clips of previous livestream videos on Twitter for consistent traffic.
  • Streaming Amazon Live shows across other platforms simultaneously, including on Twitter.
  • Using a .live domain to create a unique and memorable show link.

Well, folks, that’s all from me this week. Thanks for reading through, and for more insights from our chat with Jim, have a look at this Twitter thread. If you liked this summary, then you’ll surely enjoy our live Twitter chat. Join us in Thursdays at 1pm ET on #TwitterSmarter—we’d love to hear from you!

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