Examples of Twitter Marketing to Inspire You

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Have you ever had one of those moments where your scheduler’s queue is nearly empty, but you just have no idea what to post on Twitter? Yeah, we’ve all been there at some point!

To help you out, I thought it would be fun to round up some examples of Twitter marketing that will get your creative juices flowing and inspire you the next time you’re writing tweets.

Examples of Twitter Marketing to Inspire You

This post features examples of other amazing creators adding value, promoting their offerings, and truly using Twitter to its fullest. Here are some examples of Twitter marketing that stood out to me while browsing:

Providing Content Your Community Would Value

If you want to grow your Twitter community, it’s all about finding ways to add value. When you’re sharing quality posts that address the interests and pain points of your target audience, they’ll be more likely to follow you and engage with your tweets.

As a writer, Henneke Duistermaat knows her audience would find writing advice to be valuable content for her Twitter followers. Above, she shares a tweet describing different types of sentences, while including a link to a blog post to learn more. Definitely a great educational tip for those interested in improving their writing. Plus, the included graphic makes it eye-catching.

Many communities love waking up to some morning inspiration to start their day, which is what Joselin Mane provides to his followers. Sometimes a simple motivational quote is just what you need to get up and tackle your to-do list. And surely, there are plenty of people who follow him that look forward to these quotes he shares.

The question you need to ask is what your audience would be interested in seeing from you. That will help you determine which topics and what kind of content you should post.

Promoting Your Offerings With Ease

Your social media accounts are an amazing way to take your business to the next level. If you’re not using them to talk about your products and services, you’re likely losing sales. That’s why you want to show up and promote your offerings so potential clients and customers will be more likely to discover you and generate income.

It’s cool to include myself in these examples of Twitter marketing, right? In the above tweet, you will see that I’m promoting my coaching services. Without tweeting that people can hire me as their coach, how will they know that I even offer this in my business? That’s why you have to take the initiative and spread the word. Write some copy, include a relevant hashtag, add the link, and upload a graphic to make it stand out even more.

Promotion doesn’t just have to be your paid offerings though. Knowing that she’s most active on Instagram, Alex Beadon took an opportunity to give her Twitter followers a reason to check out her Instagram page as well. She shared a snippet of what she’s been posting on her Instagram Stories as a teaser. This is a smart tactic if you want to bring followers from one platform to another.

Encouraging Conversations & Engaging With Others

Sometimes we forget to implement the social aspect of social media. These days, we get caught up in filling the queue of our third-party scheduling tools and considering our work done. However, we cannot simply walk away, allowing these tools to do the job for us. They’re merely there to help with consistent posting, not engagement.

That’s why you still need to show up and put in the effort to encourage conversations with your community. If you aren’t taking the time to prioritize engagement, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities. Opportunities that may bring new insights, friendships, and clients.

In the above tweet, you can see that Gary Vaynerchuk knows a thing or two about getting the conversation started. He asked his community about their wine preferences, which not only gets them talking, but it also provides important research that will help one of his businesses.

But the conversations you have don’t have to always be about business! Sometimes they just might be about fun topics or your personal interests. Given that most of us have been on a Zoom call at one point or another, the above conversation is definitely relatable. Christine Gritmon added her thoughts and included a custom GIF to make her stand out from all the other responses the original poster received.

Allowing Your Personality to Shine Through

And finally, sharing the real you with people is not only great for growing your community, but also for building the all important Know, Like, and Trust Factor. Give people the chance to see what your personality is like so they can feel connected to you on a deeper level. After all, people are more inclined to do business with those they like and trust.

Michelle Garrett’s above tweet is one of the fun examples of Twitter marketing because she shared something she personally related to, which she also knew her audience would resonate with as well. Those who identify as introverts would see this and possibly feel closer to her.

Adding a humorous tweet here and there is something Gabriela Cardoza loves to do. Not only does it get a laugh out of her followers, but it adds a fun, playful element to her brand’s online presence. Plus, tweets like this are highly shareable.