Fun and Easy Ideas for Holiday Social Media Posts

Overhead view of a clipboard with blank paper lying on a table. Several other items also visible scattered around the table include: the keyboard of an open laptop computer; gift boxes; pine branches; and Santa Claus hats.

The holiday season is upon us and it’s no doubt a busy time for business owners. Part of what keeps us so busy is managing our social media presence. It’s an essential way to drive sales for our offerings, while also allowing us to connect and build relationships with our community.

However, if you’re feeling a bit burnt out creatively, you might be wondering what kind of holiday social media posts you could be sharing online. To help you out, this post has a few ideas of posts that you can easily create and get scheduled last-minute.

Fun and Easy Ideas for Holiday Social Media Posts

To fill up the queue of your social media scheduler, here are seven ideas for holiday social media posts that are sure to be a hit.

1. Reflect on the Past Year With Photos

There’s nothing like scrolling through your camera roll to remind you of all the amazing things that happened over the past year. It’s certainly a good way to boost those feelings of gratitude! Put together some holiday social media posts that feature either a carousel of images from the year or put together a collage that showcases your favorite moments.

2. Share Your Favorite Holiday Memory

We all know that building the Know, Like, and Trust Factor is a great way to create success in business. And if you want to help others get to know you better, why not tell a story? If you have a holiday memory that’s touching or would generate some laughter, share it. Everyone loves a feel-good story this time of year and it’s even better when you make it a video.

3. Invite Others to Share Their Holiday Content With a Branded Hashtag

The great thing about hashtags is that they make your content easier to find. They also connect similar posts for anyone looking for more of one type of content. If you’re feeling extra festive, consider creating a branded hashtag just for the holidays. You can use it whenever you’re posting any kind of holiday social media posts.

Then, invite others to do the same so they can join in on the fun. This is also a great opportunity to highlight user-generated content because you can share these posts to your feed, Stories, etc. That’s done-for-you content that you simply need to repost!

4. Create Mini Gift Guides to Make Shopping Easier

We all struggle to find that perfect gift for our loved ones, but you can share some holiday social media posts that will give others tons of great ideas. Put together some mini gift guides sharing gift suggestions that are centered around a specific theme. For example, one list could feature ideas for the entrepreneur in your life. It might include new tech gadgets or the latest book on business advice.

5. Host a “12 Days” Type of Event

Drawing inspiration from the “12 Days of Christmas” tune, many businesses like to put their own spin on this with an event of their own. If you’re feeling up to it, you could share 12 days of tips that are specific to your brand. This will give you something to post every day for those 12 days, while also giving people a reason to check out your latest content. You could even do 12 days of Instagram Lives or Twitter Spaces if you’re looking for a good way to build connections.

6. Show Your Support for a Charity or Organization You Love

People are often in a very giving mood during the holiday season, making it the perfect time to encourage others to give back if they’re able. If there’s a charity or organization that is aligned with your values and could use your support this time of year, consider making a donation yourself. This could be a monetary donation or a donation of your time. Now, you don’t have to publicize how you’ve chosen to give back (or how much), but you can share your generosity and ask others to consider donating too.

7. Host a Giveaway to Give Thanks to Your Community

Another way to give back is to reward those who are part of your online community. You could run a contest or have people enter a raffle-style drawing for a chance to win a gift. This gift could be a bundle of programs you offer, a free coaching session, or a physical program you sell. Alternatively, you could give them the chance to win a gift card to a place you know they’ll love (such as Amazon or Starbucks). They won’t be able to resist entering!