5 Twitter Marketing Ideas to Implement in the New Year

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With Twitter seeing a steady increase in users over the past year, it’s the perfect time for brands to start taking Twitter more seriously. After all, with so many new features, the platform has a lot to offer and various ways to create new and exciting content.

In this post, you’ll learn five Twitter marketing ideas that will help you get noticed on the platform in the year ahead.

5 Twitter Marketing Ideas to Implement in the New Year

These tips will help you create better content, show up consistently, and grow your community. If you’re ready to expand your reach via Twitter, these ideas will help.

1. Use Polls to Get to Know Your Audience

Gone are the days of pondering what your audience wants to see from you. Instead, all you really need to do is ask! It takes the guesswork out of your content creation process. Come up with a few ideas of different content pieces you want to create or offerings you’d like to develop. Then, run a poll on Twitter to gauge your audience’s interest and get feedback. After they’ve voted, you’ll have your answer and will know what to work on next.

Better understanding your audience will help when implementing some of the other Twitter marketing ideas on this list as well. That’s because the more you understand their needs, the better you’re able to serve them and keep them coming back for more.

2. Create Lists to Track Certain Accounts

Many users aren’t taking full advantage of what Twitter lists has to offer. That’s because a lot of them are unsure of how to really use this feature. If you’re not familiar, lists offers a way to create separate feeds that feature posts shared by the selected accounts you’ve added. It’s great for cutting down on the noise and seeing just the posts that matter most to you.

So, what kind of lists should you consider creating in the new year? First, set up a list that’s dedicated to your favorite creators. This way, you can see what they’re sharing and what topics they’re discussing when you need to get those creative juices flowing. You can even create a list of your competitors to see their content, offerings, and to watch what their audience is saying in the replies to their tweets. This could help shape your content strategy if you can identify gaps where your competition is lacking.

3. Develop a Weekly Twitter Spaces Show

It should come as no surprise, but Twitter Spaces is definitely here to stay. In fact, Twitter is busy working behind the scenes to make this feature even more appealing to creators. And there’s no denying that this audio-only platform has become a powerful way to provide value and have genuine conversations with your community.

To take full advantage, consider two things. What’s a topic that you love to talk about? And what would your audience be interested in? Find something that fits both of those areas and plan a weekly Twitter Spaces show around it. It’ll encourage you to show up on a regular basis and it gives everyone something to look forward to each week.

And if you want to monetize your weekly show, use Ticketed Spaces as a way to generate income. After all, it’s great to have multiple income streams in your business.

4. Experiment With Voice Tweets

It’s time to go beyond the standard written tweets. One of the Twitter marketing ideas you should challenge yourself to implement in the year ahead is using voice tweets. These audio tweets are perfect for sharing daily thoughts and messages in the moment. And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about character limits like you do with a written tweet. Each individual voice tweet has a limit of 140 seconds in length. However, if you go over, it will continue recording and thread the audio tweets together seamlessly.

Need ideas? Consider sharing a motivational message every morning. Or host a mini series that lasts a few days and share the tips via voice tweet. There are so many ways to use this!

P.S. I’m currently hosting an audio tweet challenge called #Voice100. I’ve designed this challenge to encourage myself and others to get in the habit of creating voice tweets. The premise is to share one voice tweet daily for 100 days. Learn more here.

5. Stay Connected With a Revue Newsletter

One of the best things you can do for your brand is to build an email list. It allows you to stay in touch with your audience and reach them where it matters the most: their inbox. If you create a newsletter with Revue, its Twitter integration makes it easy to reach new people and gain subscribers.

People are able to join your list with a few clicks directly from your tweets and your profile. This way, you can effortlessly promote offerings during a launch and share valuable content on a regular basis to continue fostering new relationships.