How to Grow Your Email List With Social Media

Email marketing is one of those smart business strategies that shows no signs of going away any time soon. In fact, 64% of small businesses rely on email to reach their customers. That’s because, with email, you don’t have to worry about algorithms destroying your reach. Instead, you can feel confident that every email you send will land in your subscriber’s inbox.

Once you’ve committed to email marketing, you’ll want to learn a few ways to grow your email list with social media. After all, it’s an amazing promotional tool (even with the algorithms)!

How to Grow Your Email List With Social Media

These seven tips will help you generate more subscribers who truly love your brand and the content you share.

1. Make Sure You’re Actually Talking About Your Email List

Unfortunately, there are many business owners that often clam up when it comes to talking about their own offerings. It shouldn’t be like that though! We should all be proud of what we’ve created and we should want to spread the word about our amazing work. This includes the freebie that you offer to your email list, as well as the newsletter you send out.

Let people know that you have a list that’s worth subscribing to. Tell them what they’ll receive in exchange for their information and why your freebie will be beneficial for them. Then, you can even give them reason to stick around by sharing what they can expect from you via your newsletter (whether you send it out weekly, monthly, etc.). So, the next time you’re filling up the queue of your favorite scheduling tool, throw in some promo for your email list too.

2. Pin Posts That Promote Your Freebie

Once you’ve begun posting about your list, consider making it a main focus of your social media accounts by pinning your promotional posts. Facebook is a great platform for this, as well as pinned tweets on Twitter. Whenever someone visits your profile, they’ll see your pinned post at the very top, making it an easy way to grow your email list with social media. With more eyes on these posts, the more likely you’ll be to generate subscribers.

Another fun tactic you could implement is to create a dedicated Instagram Story highlight for promoting your email list. Talk about the freebie they’ll get in exchange for signing up, as well as what kind of content they can expect to receive afterwards. Then, it’ll show up among your other highlights whenever someone checks out your profile.

3. Get Creative With Video Promo

If you really want to stand out, film some Instagram Reels to drive subscribers. This is a fun and creative way to grow your email list with social media because not many people are doing this. Film Reels where you’re talking about the benefits of being on your email list. Make it so enticing that they can’t help but sign up. Just be sure to include a call to action in your Reel, as well as the caption. Then, include the link in your bio for easy access.

4. Run Paid Ads for Maximum Exposure

If you have a dedicated budget for advertising, consider running some paid ads that promote your email list. Just make sure you run these ads on a platform where you’ll be able to effortlessly reach your target audience. Otherwise, you won’t get the traction you desire. It’s all about having the right incentive and getting in front of the right audience.

5. Host a Giveaway That Requires Email Sign-Up

Another useful way to grow your email list with social media is to host a giveaway. Then, you could require email sign-up as the primary way to enter. The key to making this successful is giving away something that your target audience is actually interested in. This will ensure you’re more likely to attract people that are going to stick around for the long haul. For instance, it could be one of your own offerings that addresses your audience’s biggest pain point.

However, you’re still going to get some people who unsubscribe right after the giveaway winner is announced. And that’s okay. Those who are intrigued by your giveaway and the content you offer in the future will want to remain loyal and engaged subscribers.

6. Join a Community That Allows Promotion

These days, online communities can get overrun with self-promotion. However, there are still places where you can share your most recent work with the world. Find Facebook groups in your niche that allow you to promote your list and offerings. Many groups have dedicated days and threads for posts just like this, meaning the group doesn’t get too cluttered. By participating and sharing your links when appropriate, you’ll be able to take advantage of the audience that someone else has already built and generate more exposure for yourself.

7. Encourage People to Share After Joining Your List

When people love the content they’ve received, they’re more inclined to share it with their own audiences. Let’s say you’ve created an amazing PDF for your subscribers to download after they’ve joined your list. On the final page, you can include a simple call to action with a done-for-you post, making it easy for them to share your email list and its freebie. It spreads the word without you having to do any additional promo!