9 Social Media Tools to Manage Your Online Presence

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As marketers, we have a lot of tasks on our to-do list when it comes to managing our social media presence. That’s why it’s helpful to use different tools for things like scheduling, monitoring, and analytics. With a powerful arsenal like this, we’re able to effortlessly pump out fresh content, generate brand awareness, and engage with our communities.

So, which social media tools are worth investing in? This post shares a number of options that are worth checking out. Be sure to take advantage of any free trials to find the one that’s right for you!

Social Media Tools for Scheduling Content

By scheduling your content in advance, it allows you to have posts going out across multiple time zones. The benefit of this? You’ll be able to reach your audience when they’re most active online, which is crucial when you consider that they’re based all over the world. Luckily, there are a number of social media tools that will help you with scheduling.

Agorapulse (Personal Favorite)

To get the most bang for your buck, it helps to have a tool that does it all. This way, you don’t have to invest in multiple options. Agorapulse (affiliate link) works for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. However, it’s more than just a scheduler, as it has features that make it a step above some of the other social media tools on the market.

It has a social inbox that allows you to manage all of your messages and comments in a single place. This means you’ll never miss anything important again. If you have a team, you can collaborate on content creation. And there are social listening tools so you can investigate new trends and even your competitors.

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Social Jukebox (Personal Favorite)

We spend a lot of time creating social media content, only for these posts to have a short lifespan on their respective platforms. That’s why social media tools that allow you to build a library of content that can be recycled again and again are so popular. Social Jukebox is just one option that provides this feature.

You’ll be able to create Jukeboxes with thousands of posts. Once it has cycled through all of your posts, it’ll start over again. This will cut down on the amount of time you spend creating social media content, allowing you to focus on other important tasks. Social Jukebox can assist you in scheduling posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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Buffer (Personal Favorite)

For an affordable tool with a lot to offer, Buffer has long been a go-to. It gives users the ability to schedule content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. It even allows you to schedule posts to Shopify, which is a unique feature when compared to other tools. And with in-depth analytics, you’ll be able to gather data to shape your content strategy. Should you choose to check it out, you’ll be in good company alongside their 75,000+ customers.

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The female-founded MeetEdgar is a pretty popular tool among creators these days. It allows you to schedule content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn all in one place. To get started, you’ll create content categories and a schedule for Edgar to pull content from.

Its biggest selling point? The ability to create a library of evergreen content. Doing this ensures you never have to worry about your queue of scheduled posts going empty. You’ll be able to endlessly recycle your content, giving it more opportunities for engagement. That means less work on your part since you’ll spend less time creating new posts.


If Instagram is one of your top social media platforms, you might want to use a scheduler that has more robust features. Later is just one option to consider. The reason many creators turn to Later to schedule Instagram posts is that it allows you to visually plan out your feed. You can upload photos and drag and drop them to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Later doesn’t just handle feed posts though. You can use it to schedule Instagram Stories as well. Plus, it provides the option to schedule content for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

By the way, I’m a big fan of Later’s blog. It’s actually one of my favorite resources for learning about Instagram.


Similar to Later, Planoly is another Instagram scheduling tool that will allow you to visually plan your feed. For brands that strive to create a specific look for their Instagram profile, this is essential. Like most social media tools, it doesn’t just handle one platform. You can also use it to schedule content for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter.

Other Social Media Tools to Consider

Scheduling tools aren’t the only beneficial options out there! There are also other types of tools that can help with generating ideas, creating content, and monitoring messages. Here are a few suggestions to check out:

Brand24 (Personal Favorite)

Would you like a tool that gives you access to all of your brand mentions? That’s exactly what Brand24 does. Their Mentions Feed shows all discussions that are relevant to your brand, giving you the chance to respond as soon as possible. You’ll never worry about missing an important reply from someone in your online community.

Brand24 also has a feature that watches for sudden changes in discussion volume, meaning you’ll have the chance to address issues before they escalate. You can also get an influence score and measure the sentiment of the brand mentions you receive.

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With the help of BuzzSumo, you can generate tons of ideas for future content to share on your social media platforms. That’s because BuzzSumo allows you to find the most shared content within your niche. It’ll give you a better understanding of what your target audience is looking for online, giving you the opportunity to create more of what they’re looking for.

You can also use BuzzSumo to find curated content to share. After all, everything you publish doesn’t need to be a link to your own original work. If you come across a blog, video, or podcast episode that would appeal to your audience, share it with them.


If you’re not already using Canva as one of your social media tools, you’re missing out. For those who find design isn’t their strong suit, Canva has made creating gorgeous graphics so much easier. All you have to do is choose one you like and customize it to match your own branding. Before you know it, you’ll have an eye-catching design that will stand out in a busy social media feed.