How to Generate More Leads on Social Media

A person types on a laptop computer with one hand and holds a smartphone in the other hand. Text on the computer screen reads lead generation. Various analytics icons are also visible on the screen.Social media is a fantastic tool for lead generation. That’s because it’s helpful for building brand awareness, positioning yourself as an authority, and for promoting your offerings.

If you want to generate more leads on social media, this post shares seven tips you can implement. These will help you reach a wider audience and land the sales you desire.

How to Generate More Leads on Social Media

To crush your lead generation goals on social media, these are the tips you’ll want to implement ASAP:

1. Make Sure Your Profile Communicates What You’re All About

When someone first discovers you, they’re most likely going to visit your profile to check you out. Are you using your bio to let them know who you are and who you serve? Have you chosen a header image or maybe pinned a tweet to communicate that as well? If not, you should because it could help you attract followers that ultimately become leads.

2. Be Strategic About the Content You’re Sharing

Posting for the sake of posting isn’t the best strategy when you’re trying to grow your brand. It’s better to have a purpose behind your post. Meaning, share content that’s going to help you reach the goals you’ve set. For instance, if you want to generate more leads, what can you share to make that happen? Here are some ideas:

  • User-generated content that shows real customers enjoying your products/services
  • Case studies to show how your offerings have helped others in the past
  • Details about products/services, as well as sales you’re currently running
  • Information regarding free trials or demos, if applicable

3. Go Live for More Real-Time Chats

Sometimes hosting live events can feel a little intimidating. But the reality is, they’re a great way to generate more leads on social media. Not only does it help you get exposure (people will see you’re live and potentially join), but it’s an opportunity to promote brand offerings. Plus, people can then ask you questions in real-time if they want to learn more. Someone who was once on the fence may finally take the plunge and sign up or make a purchase.

Try going live on platforms like Instagram or Facebook if you’re a fan of video. If you’d rather stick with audio content, try Twitter Spaces for brand building. Use these tools to add value, address pain points, and to pitch your offering as the solution.

4. Promote Lead Magnets for Nurturing Off Social Media

Gaining leads on social media doesn’t mean that’s where they need to stay. It’s important to attract people to your brand via social media, but then get them on your email list. This way, you never have to worry about a platform disappearing and losing your entire audience. Email is a smart way to continue nurturing relationships over time.

Make sure you’ve created some sort of freebie that entices people to join your list. Then, promote that freebie across social media to boost your subscribers. Once they’ve signed up, you can have an email sequence go out to nurture this new relationship and ultimately help increase purchases. Just think of social media as the catalyst to help you in the early lead generation stage.

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5. Initiate Conversations in the DMs

Sometimes brands feel uncomfortable at the thought of reaching out to people via direct message. That’s likely because years of people using bots to send DMs has put a lot of people off. It was usually pretty obvious when a bot was sending a DM because they’d come through immediately after a follow and would say something generic. Those types of messages usually get deleted without a response from its recipient.

Instead of setting up automated DMs, take some time to have genuine conversations with people. Whenever you get a new follower, visit their profile. See what they’re all about and find something you can start a conversation about. Then, you can send a DM to get the ball rolling. While this can be time-consuming, it’s a powerful way to generate more leads on social media because it encourages you to engage and build true connections with people.

Just make sure you focus on having an actual conversation first. Don’t jump right in with a sales pitch. People aren’t going to be inclined to purchase something from a brand they’re not familiar with. That’s why building the Know, Like, and Trust Factor is essential.

6. Share Testimonials for Social Proof

People want to know that you’re good at what you do. They want to know that your offerings are worth the money before they make a purchase. How do you do that? Provide some social proof. You can share testimonials in the form of graphics so potential customers can see others raving about your brand. If you really want to take it up a notch, have some of them record video testimonials that you can upload to your feed or share on Instagram Stories.

7. Invest Money Into Advertising

If you’re really ready to generate more leads on social media, put some advertising dollars behind your efforts. Running ads will gain tremendous exposure for your brand, as you’ll be able to target an entirely new set of people. And of course, more exposure leads to more opportunities for lead generation. So, consider making the investment in ads if you want to speed up your results.