5 Twitter Features Brands Should be Using

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Please note: Revue Newsletter is no longer a feature on Twitter but was at the time this article was first published. And Twitter Blue now costs $8/month and includes newer features.

Previously, I shared six Twitter features that brands should make part of their overall strategy on the platform. Now, as some time has passed, there are a number of new features that are worthy of your attention if you want to make the most of Twitter.

In this post, I’m sharing five more Twitter features that you’ll want to start using ASAP if you haven’t already gotten on board.

5 Twitter Features Brands Should be Using

Here are the five features you need to know about:

1. Twitter Spaces

Arguably one of my favorite Twitter features, Spaces is an incredible way to build your community and make connections on the platform. Spaces allows brands to host live, audio-only conversations, giving them the ability to have real-time chats with others. It’s perfect for adding value through helpful tips, hosting Q&As, or even conducting interviews. Overall, it’s perfect for establishing your brand on Twitter.

Since the introduction of the Twitter Spaces tab, this feature has become even more enticing. Previously, it was difficult to find Spaces to join outside of the ones hosted by people you follow. This tab allows you to scroll through Spaces that are currently happening and ones that are scheduled for a future date and time. It makes it even easier to find conversations for you to participate in to grow your presence.

Another appealing aspect of Twitter Spaces is Ticketed Spaces. This allows brands to charge a fee to access their Spaces, making it a great opportunity for monetization.

2. Tip Jar

You can also choose to monetize your Twitter presence through the Tip Jar. This feature allows users to connect various payment options so they can receive money from their community. Should anyone feel compelled to send a few bucks your way as a thank you, they’ll have a quick and easy way to do it. And as brands, it’s always nice to have multiple ways to bring in extra cash!

The current payment options include: Bitcoin Lightning and Bitcoin address, Bandcamp, Cash App, Ethereum address, GoFundMe, Patreon, and Venmo. Add all applicable accounts so people can choose their preferred way to pay you.

3. Revue Newsletters

An email newsletter is truly a must-have for brands of any niche. By building your email list, you’re able to easily stay in touch with people long after they’ve left your website or your social media profiles. And you can reach them in the best way possible: their inbox. No algorithms there, which is always a plus!

Luckily, one of the Twitter features that make it easy for you to begin building a newsletter if you haven’t started doing so already, is Revue. Twitter acquired Revue back in January 2021. It’s a platform that allows creators to start a newsletter for free. And then, it can be connected to your Twitter profile, making it easy for people to subscribe. In the screenshot below, you can see what this looks like on my own profile.

Screenshot showing Madalyn Sklar's Twitter profile with an arrow pointing to the Newsletter section located just under the bio.

4. Twitter Communities

While these other Twitter features are readily available, Twitter Communities is still in the process of being rolled out. However, it’s worth mentioning it because it’s a good feature for brands to keep on their radar once its use is more widespread. This feature gives users the opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals who have the same interests and passions as they do.

As a brand, it would be smart to join communities within your niche to share helpful tips and tricks and to make connections with new people. Alternatively, if you’re up to the task, you can start and build a community of your own. You’ll just need to keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to handle moderation.

5. Twitter Blue

For serious users that would like access to even more Twitter features, you might want to upgrade to Twitter Blue. For $2.99 per month, you’ll be able to do the following:

  • Preview tweets and make changes before they go live, giving you the chance to undo tweets that have typos or other mistakes.
  • Receive the latest news without added noise with ad-free articles (popular US-based publisher sites), the ability to see the most-shared articles in your network over the last 24 hours, and a way to turn long threads into a more concise reading experience.
  • Gain a customized experience with bookmark folders, navigation that features your favorite destinations, and seasonal or colorful app icons and themes.
  • And get early access to features such as the ability to upload longer videos from desktop (up to 10 minutes long) and NFT profile photos.

Learn more about Twitter Blue and decide if it’s a smart investment.