How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation

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With at least 500 million tweets being posted every day, it’s safe to say Twitter isn’t dead. In fact, the platform has expanded in recent years to introduce new and exciting features in an effort to bring on more active users. (Twitter Spaces, anyone?)

For those reasons, it’s no wonder that brands are getting serious about using Twitter for lead generation. And if you’re not, you’re missing out on some amazing opportunities! In this article, you’ll learn a few smart tactics to generate leads that could turn into paying clients and customers for your business. Let’s dive in!

How to Use Twitter for Lead Generation

To effectively target leads on Twitter, follow these tips so it can become a worthwhile platform for you to invest your time into.

1. Optimize Your Twitter Bio

When someone stumbles upon you for the first time, they’re likely going to check out your profile. So, the question is… Are you sending a good first impression? Your profile alone can help when using Twitter for lead generation because it’ll communicate what you’re all about.

First and foremost, make sure you have a welcoming photo of yourself (unless you use a logo). This gives people the chance to put a face to the tweets and helps them connect with you on a deeper level. Then, write a bio that clearly explains who you are and who you serve. It’ll help people decide if you’re someone they want to follow. You can also add more details through your header image and your pinned tweet.

Don’t forget to also link to your lead magnet (if you have one), whether you include it in your bio or your pinned tweet. This is a great way to drive subscribers to your email list.

If you need help with making your Twitter profile better, tune into my weekly room in Twitter Spaces called #TwitterAudits. It’s every Saturday from 1-2pm ET. My colleagues and I review Twitter profiles and give advice in real-time on ways to improve and make it better. Details here.

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2. Focus More on Providing Value, Not Pitching

If you’re using Twitter for lead generation, you’re obviously looking to make sales. However, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to pitch your offerings 24/7. That will come off as pushy and likely scare away potential leads. Instead, you need to focus on positioning yourself as a thought leader by providing valuable content to your target audience. This way, you can showcase your expertise and establish trust beforehand.

Then, once you’ve built a strong relationship with people in your audience, you can pitch your offerings here and. there. People will be more inclined to buy once they’ve gotten to know you and trust that you’ll offer a quality product or service. Give them something without expecting anything in return and it’ll pay off big time in the end.

3. Be Strategic About When You’re Posting

Sure, you can post new tweets whenever you want, but that’s not necessarily going to yield the best results. Instead, you want to schedule your tweets to go out at optimal times throughout the day. That means posting when your audience is most active so they’re more likely to see and engage with your content.

Luckily, you don’t have to guess which times you should be sharing content. There’s plenty of research available online that you can implement and see how it works for you. Just check out the best posting times from Sprout Social below. Try changing your posting schedule accordingly and seeing if it helps your engagement rates. But of course, experiment to find what works best for you.

Graphic from Sprout Social showing the best times to post on Twitter.

Their research found the following:

  • The best times to post are Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays at 9 AM.
  • The best days to post overall were Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • And finally, Sundays are the worst days to post on Twitter.

4. Add Relevant Hashtags to Tweets to Boost Discoverability

While you’re writing and scheduling tweets, don’t forget to add a hashtag or two. Hashtags are great for helping your tweets get noticed. This way, whenever someone is searching a specific hashtag, they’ll be more likely to see your posts. After all, part of using Twitter for lead generation is making sure you’re actually being seen on the platform. Twitter recommends using no more than two hashtags per tweet for the best results, so choose wisely.

5. Go Beyond Just Posting Basic Tweets

If you want to stand out from the crowd (and you should), don’t just post basic text tweets with a link all the time. Switch it up on occasion! This creates more interest and excitement for potential and current followers. You can do this by sharing videos to your Twitter feed, for example. A short and sweet video is a great way to share actionable tips or an inspirational message. You could even post a spontaneous selfie or a behind-the-scenes shot of whatever it is you’re working on.

But if you’re a little camera shy, there’s another option for you to consider. Try using voice tweets to share short messages with your audience. This is a great way to generate leads on Twitter because it provides another option for those consuming your content. Plus, there’s something really special about video and audio that helps to deepen the connection between you and your audience. That goes a long way when bringing in sales.

Here’s an example of a voice tweet for some inspiration:

6. Experiment With Twitter Spaces

Speaking of audio content, one thing you absolutely cannot overlook when using Twitter for lead generation is Twitter Spaces. This feature is a powerful way to boost awareness for your brand, provide value, and position yourself as a thought leader on the platform. With Spaces, you have the power to go live, either by yourself or with other guest hosts. You can have real-time conversations, answer questions, and so much more.

7. Become a Regular Participant in Twitter Chats

Another smart tactic for getting in front of potential leads is by joining Twitter chats on a regular basis. Find Twitter chats related to your field that your target audience is also participating in. By becoming a regular, people will get to know you over time. And through your answers during the chat, they’ll see you really know your stuff. So, they’ll be more inclined to follow you.

Once they’ve connected with you, the next logical step would be for them to join your email list and/or purchase one of your offerings. You just need to make sure you continue providing value long after the chat has ended. This way, they’ll want to become a customer.

8. Create Lists With Potential Leads

If you aren’t using Twitter lists, now is the time to get started. Lists are perfect when using Twitter for lead generation because it’ll help you stay updated with those you want to build relationships with. Create a private list with people in your target audience that you know would benefit from your products or services.

Then, access this list regularly to see what they’re posting about. Use this to influence the content you’re sharing on social media, as well as your blog or any other content mediums. You can also watch their tweets for opportunities to join in on conversations they’re having.

9. Partner With an Influencer to Boost Exposure

Influencer marketing seems to be where it’s at these days. But when you think of an influencer marketing campaign, Twitter probably isn’t the first platform to come to mind. Typically, brands turn to Instagram influencers to promote their products. That doesn’t mean Twitter can’t yield a successful partnership though.

If there’s a Twitter creator that has an audience you want to reach, consider collaborating on a campaign with them. You can have this influencer share a few sponsored posts, whether they’re text tweets or videos. You could even have them do a live chat with you via Twitter Spaces. The whole point is to leverage the audience they’ve already built to get your brand in front of tons of new people.

10. Run Twitter Ads to Promote Your Email List

Sometimes implementing Twitter for lead generation will require you to spend a little money. Twitter is a great platform for running ads, which not only generates more exposure, but can also drive conversions. Now, here’s the thing… People won’t likely buy from an ad when they’ve only just discovered you. Use ads to promote the lead magnet for your email list instead. This way, you can continue to build relationships through email and warm them up to making a purchase.