Introducing Twitter Create: A Resource for All Industry Creators

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With Twitter’s user base seeing steady growth, it’s no surprise that more creators are making the platform part of their social media strategy. So if you’ve been prioritizing your Twitter presence lately, you aren’t alone. But you may have noticed that it’s going to take some time and effort to stand out from the crowd and build a loyal community. Luckily, Twitter has developed a helpful resource that will provide you with valuable tips you can implement.

Twitter Create is a mini-site that offers insights that will transform the way you use the platform and help you monetize your presence. In this post, you’ll get an overview of what you’ll find on the site so you can take full advantage.

Introducing Twitter Create: A Resource for All Industry Creators

If you’re ready to up your game on Twitter, this resource is worth checking out! Here’s what you can expect to find on the mini-site right now:

Dedicated Industry Resources

How you use Twitter is likely going to be different from how some other creators use it. After all, everyone has different goals they’re chasing! That’s why the generic advice many offer isn’t always enough. And on the Twitter Create site, you’ll discover resources that are dedicated to various industries, allowing you to find tips tailored to what it is you do.

These resources give you the opportunity to learn from your industry peers so you can take their advice and apply it to your unique strategy. The industries featured include: creators, podcasters, news, writers, sports, gaming, film and TV, music, and nonprofits. You can see a glimpse at these in the screenshot below.

screenshot of the Twitter Create website showing a glimpse at some of the industries the site content covers.

Upon clicking on one of these options, you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to your industry. Each section promises to deliver everything from inspiration to how-to guides. Let’s take the page for writers, for example. It houses articles such as “Twitter Tools for Writers,” among many others. And the best part is that you can filter the articles based on your goal (monetization, engagement, relevance), article type, and collection.

Screenshot of the Twitter create website giving a sampling of some of the articles it features.

Meanwhile, if you’re a nonprofit, you’ll find articles like, “Twitter Best Practices for Nonprofits.” Or for podcasters, you might enjoy “How to Make Your Podcast Stand Out With Impact on the Timeline.” As you can see, Twitter Create is really designed to help users like yourself make the most of the platform. And only time will tell what content will be added in the future.

Right now, there are case studies, op-ed pieces, how-to guides, Q&As, etc. There are also different article collections, including: Notifications On, Talking Twitter, Who I Follow, #HerStory, and Twitter 101.

Guides for Reaching Your Twitter Goals

Why are you using Twitter? Are you hoping to use the platform to make money? Engage with your audience? Or do you just want to develop an influential voice? Whatever your goal may be, Twitter Create has some helpful resources for you.

Screenshot of the Twitter create website showing the different goals the site's content can help you work towards.

These guides offer advice from other Twitter users, allowing you to learn from their experience. For instance, if it’s relevance and developing an influential voice you’re after, you’ll learn how to enhance your presence, which tools to begin using, and more. There’s tons to dive into, so you’ll want to grab a pen and notebook so you’re ready to take notes!

How-To Tips for Using Twitter’s Features

If you’ve ever been curious about using one of the platform’s many features, Twitter Create has you covered. There are resources that teach you how to efficiently use Twitter Spaces, Communities, Twitter Blue, Super Follows, Media Studio, and more. These will answer any questions you have and help you get started ASAP. This way, you don’t have to rely on just the standard 280-character tweet. You can branch out and take full advantage of everything Twitter has to offer so you can reach a wider audience.

Screenshot of the Twitter Create website giving a glimpse into some of the Twitter features it offers how-to guides for.

Go Explore Twitter Create!

If you want to truly become a master Twitter user, go ahead and explore this mini-site and see what new tips and tricks you can learn. And be sure to check back in the future to see what new content Twitter adds for its community.