How to Get More Retweets on Twitter

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In the world of social media, it always feels good when people share your content. But what are you to do when shares are on the low side? Do you simply accept it? No! You get proactive by implementing tips that will drive more shares so your hard work will be seen around the world. And luckily, there are a few things you can do on Twitter to experience these results.

In this article, you’ll learn some simple tactics to get more retweets on Twitter. This way, you can ensure your tweets are being shared far and wide to boost brand awareness.

How to Get More Retweets on Twitter

To get people retweeting your posts, follow these tips:

1. Tweet at Optimal Times

One simple tactic to get more retweets is to review your posting schedule. When using third-party scheduling tools, you are prompted to create a posting schedule with specific times of the day for your posts to be published. You want to make sure this schedule is working for you.

To do that, see if your tweets are being published at optimal times throughout the day. If not, it may be time to switch things up. For instance, data has shown the best time to post on Twitter is early in the morning on weekdays. Ideally, it’s recommended to post around 8 a.m., so you might want to schedule your most important tweets for that time slot.

However, that doesn’t mean that’s the only good time to post. Your audience is likely based all over the globe, meaning they’re in different time zones. The smart thing to do is to have tweets published throughout the day so you stand a better chance of reaching them. After you’ve given your new schedule some time, check your analytics. to see if performance has improved.

2. Write Shareable Tweets

If you want people to share your tweets, you need to craft content that’s actually worth sharing. That starts with knowing what your audience wants to see from you. If people are following you for marketing tips, they aren’t going to be as inclined to retweet posts on unrelated topics.

So, put yourself in their shoes. What kind of content interests them? How can you add value to their lives? Once you’ve figured out what you should be writing about in your tweets, you can then start crafting your copy. Write better tweets by getting creative with fresh and captivating copy.

3. Include Hashtags for More Reach

To get more retweets, you’ll want to ensure your tweets are getting as much reach as possible. The best way to do that is by incorporating relevant hashtags into your tweets. That doesn’t mean you should go overboard though! Twitter recommends using no more than two hashtags per tweet, so choose wisely. Then, whenever someone searches those hashtags, they might discover your tweets. This can generate more retweets and more followers.

4. Add Visuals That Grab Attention

Twitter is a busy place! And for many of us, we’re guilty of quickly scrolling through our feeds without stopping to read a majority of the tweets people have shared. So, you need to make sure you’re finding ways to grab attention and get them to stop scrolling. Visuals are a great way to do that because they’re eye-catching.

Whenever you’re sharing a tweet that you want a lot of people to see, be sure to add a visual. You can use a static image, a video, or a GIF. All can be effective! Just make sure whatever visual you choose, it’s relevant to your tweet and adds to it in some way.

5. Pin a Tweet to Your Profile for More Traction

The pinned tweet feature is one you definitely want to take advantage of on Twitter if you aren’t already. It allows you to pin a tweet to the top of your profile, giving it a special spotlight that’s visible whenever someone visits your profile. This is a great way to get more retweets on a specific tweet since it puts an important piece of content front and center.

So, if there’s ever anything you want a lot of people to see and share, make sure you pin it. This is great to do with your latest content, a tweet promoting your email opt-in, or a link to your sales page featuring your paid offerings.

6. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Retweets

If you want to get more retweets, it never hurts to ask people to share your content. If you have additional characters left in your tweet, add a call-to-action phrase asking people to share your tweet with their community. You can say something such as, “Please retweet.” This is easy to do, so it’s worth testing to see how people respond to it. While this may seem obvious, sometimes we forget to retweet or simply don’t think about it. This can be their reminder.

7. Analyze Data to See Which Tweets Are Successful

Spending time reviewing your analytics is crucial to see which of your posts have generated the best results. And luckily, Twitter has built-in analytics that provides this information and more. If you’re not already using this tool, now is the time to start!

Check your analytics at the end of each month to see which tweets were the most successful in terms of impressions, engagement, and engagement rate. You can also use your third-party social media scheduler for tracking important metrics.

Then, see if you can spot any similarities between them. Are they all focused on the same topic? Do they use a specific hashtag? Do they feature static images, videos, or GIFs? Is there anything about the copy on these tweets that stands out? Noting any similarities will help you to replicate their success with the tweets you write moving forward.