5 Ideas for Your Twitter Holiday Marketing Campaign

A person smiles at something they are looking at on their smartphone. The person is relaxing on the carpet with Christmas decorations and lights visible around them.

This time of year, everyone is busy mapping out their Twitter holiday marketing campaigns. They’re crafting tweets, planning to host Twitter Spaces, and everything in between. After all, it’s the best way to ensure your brand is front and center this holiday season. And that’s important if you want to grow your community and generate sales as the year winds down.

But the crucial question is… What in the world should you be posting as part of your Twitter campaign? In this article, you’ll learn some festive ideas you can incorporate to create content that’s sure to put everyone in the spirit!

5 Ideas for Your Twitter Holiday Marketing Campaign

Previously, I’ve shared some ideas for holiday social media posts that work for every platform. But here are a few for my personal favorite, Twitter, so you can create captivating tweets:

1. Create Reminders for Upcoming Product Launches

If you’re planning to drop something new this holiday season, you’ll want to make sure everyone remembers to shop on launch day. It’s essential for driving sales, after all! And that’s where Twitter’s Product Drops comes into play. To prevent people from forgetting when your new product goes live, you can prompt them to set a reminder.

This feature will add a “Remind me” button to the bottom of your tweet. With a simple tap, users will receive an in-app notification 15 minutes prior to the launch. It’s the perfect reminder to get them to shop with you.

It’s available for all qualifying merchants in the U.S. and shoppers in the U.S. who use Twitter in English on iOS or Android devices.

2. Feature Top Products in the Shop Spotlight

An important element of every Twitter holiday marketing campaign is making sure your products are front and center. And the best way to do this is through the Shop Spotlight feature. If you’re not familiar with it, it allows merchants to showcase up to five products on their Twitter profile. This is great for directing attention to items you want to sell.

It’s available for those in the U.S. who use Twitter in English on iOS and Android devices.

3. Host a Live Shopping Event

There’s no denying that live video should be part of your social media strategy. As a result, Twitter launched Live Shopping in 2021 to allow shops to connect with their customers and generate sales at the same time. This live broadcast features a shoppable banner, a shop tab, and a conversation that those in the community can participate in. Think of it like watching those home shopping channels, but with a more social aspect!

And when you consider that 76% of people agree that conversations on Twitter result in a product purchase, it’ll be worthwhile to give this idea a go.

You can go live to talk about the top products in your shop and which ones would make the best gifts this holiday season. You’ll even be able to showcase how products work, discuss their benefits, and more. But the best part? You get to engage with your community!

4. Create Fun GIFs for Your Brand or Products

Twitter is the perfect platform for sharing fun, eye-catching GIFs. And if you don’t already have special ones made for your brand, you’re missing out! Personally, I love having my own custom GIFs to share when replying to people. It adds a personal element to your tweets and it’s recognizable, which is perfect for building your brand’s presence.

And with the holidays upon us, you can ensure your custom GIFs stand out by adding a little festive flair. Consider donning a Santa hat, using a decorative background, or seasonal colors.

These GIFs can feature you or members of your team with popular reactions you might have when reading a tweet. For example, a thumbs up or clapping. Another option would be to create holiday-themed GIFs that showcase your most popular products.

5. Give a Glimpse Into Your Holiday Celebrations

While it’s understandable that you want to drive sales with your Twitter holiday marketing campaign, don’t let it be the only thing on your mind. This time of year is great for celebrating with loved ones and spreading cheer. So, make sure you’re also showcasing some of the holiday festivities you and your team are getting into. It helps to humanize your brand.

You can share snaps from holiday office parties you’re hosting. Or you might want to show off the ugly Christmas sweaters you’re donning in the office (or while working from home). Think about what people might want to see that will make your brand more personable. This is great for building the Know, Like, and Trust Factor with newer members of your community.