Why Twitter Should be Part of Your 2023 Marketing Strategy

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Research shows that 25% of Twitter users produce 97% of all tweets. That means more people are using Twitter to lurk and not posting content. Crazy, right? Well, if you’re not tweeting, it’s time to make a change in the new year so you can take advantage of what the platform offers.

As you’re mapping out your 2023 marketing strategy, you might be questioning whether Twitter should be part of it. And the answer to that question should be YES! In this article, you’ll learn a few reasons why Twitter is a worthwhile platform that you should fully commit to.

Why Twitter Should be Part of Your 2023 Marketing Strategy

Here are three reasons you should get serious about Twitter in the year ahead:

1. Odds Are, Your Target Audience is on Twitter

A huge element of planning your 2023 marketing strategy is determining which social media platforms are worth your time and energy. After all, this can change yearly based on your target audience and what resonates with them. So, it’s something you need to review regularly to ensure you’re directing your efforts to the proper platforms. Otherwise, you’re wasting time!

Luckily, Twitter has a pretty wide array of users on its platform. Here’s a look at the distribution of Twitter users worldwide by age group based on 2021 research:

  • Ages 13-17 make up 6.6% of users.
  • Ages 18-24 make up 17.1% of users.
  • Ages 25-34 make up 38.5% of users.
  • Ages 35-49 make up 20.7% of users.
  • Those 50+ make up 17.1% of users.

Not only that but Twitter’s users are based all over the globe. The United States, Japan, and India are the top countries based on the number of Twitter users.

This means there’s a good chance the audience you’re targeting is active on Twitter, whether they’re posting or just lurking. And that means you should be there, making an effort to get your brand in front of them! Then, you make it your mission to encourage them to break their lurking habits by getting them to engage with your content.

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2. Twitter Accommodates a Variety of Content Formats

Not sure whether your audience loves written posts, videos, or audio? Well, Twitter gives you the opportunity to experiment with all three so you can find out. This way, you can create more of the content that resonates with your audience, while also allowing your strengths to shine.

You can share a mix of written tweets and videos to your main Twitter feed. This will give you the chance to measure engagement on each to see what performs the best. And since more users are focused on written content, short-form videos can be a powerful way to stand out.

And of course, Twitter also made a foray into the world of audio content. You can post voice tweets to tell a story, share a motivational message, etc. Or if you thrive off the live interaction between you and your audience, you can host Twitter Spaces as a way to add value.

3. There Are Plenty of Opportunities to Build Connections

Finding new ways to establish connections and boost engagement should be a priority for every creator’s 2023 marketing strategy. And if you’re not already active on Twitter, you may not realize the opportunities it provides to brands of all types.

For one, Twitter chats are an incredible way to meet new people who share similar interests to your own. They’re perfect for making friends in your industry. You can even use them to scout influencers to collaborate with. Besides making connections, you’re able to learn so much through Twitter chats because everyone is sharing valuable tips and tricks you can implement yourself.