5 Twitter Video Ideas You Can Start Filming Today

A person holding a tablet computer sits on a sofa filming themselves. They smile excitedly into the camera which is attached to tripod resting on coffee table.

On the fence about purchasing Twitter Blue? Well, if you’re a video creator, the latest subscriber-only feature just might seal the deal for you.

Previously, videos uploaded to Twitter couldn’t be longer than two minutes and 20 seconds. This meant that creators had to keep it short and sweet when filming. However, since Elon Musk’s takeover, he’s wanted to implement changes that will keep people on Twitter and minimize the amount of linking to other platforms. That means giving creators more options when it comes to video, hence Twitter Blue subscribers can now upload 60-minute videos.

But since Twitter isn’t often seen as a go-to place for videos, you might feel unsure of how you can take advantage of this. In this article, you’ll learn some simple Twitter video ideas you can film and upload for your online community to enjoy.

Note: At this time, this feature is still rolling out to Twitter Blue subscribers. The ability to upload 60-minute videos is only available on desktop, not mobile. Mobile devices still have a 10-minute maximum upload time. Learn more here.

5 Twitter Video Ideas You Can Start Filming Today

To help get your creative juices flowing, here are five ideas that can work for just about anyone:

1. Turn Your Existing Content Into Videos

Odds are, you’ve amassed quite an archive of content already, whether it’s through blogging or podcasting. So, why not use that to your advantage? You can turn your past content into Twitter videos where you’re sharing your most valuable tips and tricks with your audience.

Now, you might be thinking… Why would I recreate existing content in a new format? Well, there’s a good chance plenty of your Twitter followers haven’t seen your past blog posts or listened to your podcast episodes. So, it would be entirely new to them. Plus, some people prefer video over written or audio content. This gives them a different way to consume what you’ve created, thereby appealing to a wider group.

Even better? You don’t have to stress trying to come up with new ideas all the time!

2. Repurpose YouTube Videos by Uploading Them to Twitter

Similarly, if you’ve already been sharing videos on YouTube, why not give your content new life on another platform? Should you choose to subscribe to Twitter Blue, you’ll have the ability to take those long-form videos and upload them for your Twitter community to watch.

To help you decide which videos are worth repurposing, consider the content and quality. Evergreen content is always relevant to your target audience, so it would be smart to share it across multiple platforms. You also want to be sure any older videos you share are up to your current quality standards so they’ll give viewers a great first impression of you.

Out of all of these Twitter video ideas, this one is fantastic because it requires the least work on your part. Instead of filming something new entirely, you get to upload content you already know people love. Before you know it, your older videos are getting new life.

3. Host Mini-Trainings With Helpful Tips and Tricks

Interested in hosting some sort of mini-training as a way to provide educational content to your audience? Well, it’s safe to say Twitter probably isn’t the first platform you’d turn to in order to host something like that. However, that could definitely change with this new feature for Twitter Blue subscribers. So, why not test it out?

If your target audience spends a lot of time on Twitter, you might as well hang out where they are. Instead of asking them to leave Twitter to hang out with you on another platform, upload your training where they’re going to be more inclined to watch.

This could be something purely informational where you’re covering a topic more in-depth. Alternatively, you could use this as a way to present how-tos or tutorials. This option would be great if you offer a product or software in which people need guides to learn how to use it properly. Truly, the ideas are endless. Don’t be afraid to ask your audience what they’d like to watch.

4. Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes the best Twitter video ideas are the ones you get directly from your audience. If you’re someone who receives a lot of questions online, it might be worthwhile to film a Q&A addressing them. This is especially smart on Twitter, where tweets only have a 280-character limit. By answering questions via video, it gives you more wiggle room to give longer responses.

Keep a running list of frequently asked questions your audience sends to you. You can also ask them to submit questions prior to you sitting down to film. This way, you’ll have plenty to address all at once. Perfect for filling up those 60 minutes!

A standard Q&A about you or your business could be uploaded and pinned to the top of your Twitter profile. This way, people who are just discovering you can watch it and learn more about what you do. Alternatively, you could also make a Q&A series and answer questions every month if the demand is there. Each one could be centered around a specific theme.

5. Share Your Thoughts on a Trending Topic

One of the features that make Twitter so special is its trending topics. This allows users to see what others around the globe are talking about. And that means it presents a unique opportunity to participate in conversations you might not have otherwise thought to join.

If you’re on Twitter and you see a trending topic that you could contribute to, go for it! The only thing is, you’ll want to act fast. You want to take advantage of the current momentum and get your video published while people are still buzzing about the topic at hand. So, don’t be afraid to grab your phone and just start filming.

All you need to do is share your thoughts and opinions on the topic. Offer your unique perspective as a way to drive conversations with your viewers. This is a fantastic way to build your thought leadership over time. If you do this consistently, people will begin to see you as an insightful and reputable creator. They’ll want to follow you and consume whatever you create next.