Is it Worthwhile to Get Verified on Social Media?

A person in a business suit reaches out their hand toward a blue checkmark representing a verified social media account.

That blue checkmark indicating a verified social media account was once a coveted thing online. Although it’s such a small detail, it helps official accounts stand out from any imposters that might crop up. Being verified also establishes a sense of credibility and social proof. For those reasons, a checkmark is often desired by personal and business accounts alike.

But something that was once rather difficult to obtain can now be yours for a small fee. Twitter Blue offers verification as part of its subscription features. And now, Meta is testing a paid verification option as well. Since anyone can pay to get verified on social media these days, is it even worthwhile? This article will help you decide.

Getting a Verified Social Media Account

In the past, if you wanted to get verified on social media, you had to apply and hope you were approved. However, not everyone was so lucky to get that blue checkmark. Platforms were very picky about who was able to receive this coveted icon. As a result, many people found themselves getting denied time and time again.

These days, it’s looking to be a lot simpler. Upon joining Twitter Blue, you can submit a request to have your account verified, which will be approved by someone on the Twitter team. Soon, Meta will be doing the same since they’re testing a similar option. All you’ll have to do is authenticate your account with a government ID and you’ll be well on your way! You just have to continue paying the monthly fee, of course. Otherwise, your checkmark will disappear.

Is it Worthwhile to Get Verified on Social Media?

Answer these questions before shelling out $8+ per month to get verified on social media:

Are You Using Social Media Strictly for Personal Reasons?

It’s safe to say that most people in the world are only using social media personally. It’s a way for them to share photos, stay connected with friends, etc. If that describes you, then you likely don’t need the authenticity and social proof that a verified social media account provides.

But what if you wind up having some sort of social media success, turning you into a full-fledged personal brand? Then, you may want to consider paying for verification once that happens. It’s just not something you should feel obligated to do at the moment.

Are You Using Social Media as a Business?

Most of you reading this are likely running businesses. And you’ve probably been intrigued by the ability to get verified on social media. However, it’s natural to still have some reservations.

Is it worth the money? After all, if you’re on multiple social media platforms, you’ll probably feel obligated to join Twitter Blue, Meta Verified, and any others. That cost is going to add up over time. And then, is it even that important anymore if anyone who wants to can get verified? For some, they may feel what was once a coveted feature is now meaningless.

So, here are some things to consider if you want to get verified on social media as a business:

  • Do you want to distinguish yourself from potential imposters? Unfortunately, the internet can be a crazy place and sometimes fake accounts of your business can appear on different platforms. If you notice this happening, paying for a verified social media account can help protect your identity. And it decreases the chance of someone engaging with imposters.
  • Would you like to communicate your authority? It’s safe to say that casual users aren’t likely going to spend the monthly fee to get verified on social media. By choosing to invest in verification, it may still be seen by others as a sign of authority. This is great if you want to position yourself as a powerful creator in your field.
  • Are you hoping to network with industry leaders and influencers? Social media is a powerful way to make connections with others and for many, having that checkmark still means something. It can help establish a level of trust that’s crucial in relationship-building.

But Will Platforms Become Oversaturated With Verified Accounts?

Although Twitter hoped to see a boom in Twitter Blue subscribers, that hasn’t really been the case. Presently, fewer than 300,000 users have signed up. And it’s too early to tell what kind of numbers Meta Verified will see. However, it’s likely that only serious social media power users are going to be willing to invest in monthly subscriptions such as these.