How to Spring Clean Your Twitter Account

An over-the-shoulder view of a person sitting at a desk logging into an online account on a laptop computer.

It’s that time of year when a lot of people go into spring cleaning mode. And while tidying and decluttering your home is always a good idea, you should also do the same with your online presence. That’s why now is the perfect time to spring clean your Twitter account!

But wait! What exactly does it mean to “clean up” on social media? Well, I’ve previously shared a post with tips on reviewing and cleaning your Twitter account. It talks about unfollowing inactive accounts, auditing your privacy settings, and giving your profile a refresh. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already because all of the tips are still relevant today!

However, in this post, I want to expand on the topic further and give you a few more tasks that will help you clean your Twitter account. In doing so, you’ll have an even more enjoyable experience on the platform. And who wouldn’t want that?

How to Spring Clean Your Twitter Account

Here are a few simple things you can do on Twitter right now:

1. Update Your Notification Settings

Do you find that you’re receiving too many Twitter notifications throughout the day? Or maybe you’ve had notifications turned off and you’re missing important tweets? Whichever it may be, review your notification settings as you spring clean your Twitter account.

First, you’ll want to decide the type of notifications you like to receive from Twitter. Push, SMS, or email? Turn them on or off as needed. Twitter gives users the ability to filter notifications, putting them in control of what they see. Turn on the “Quality Filter” if you want to prevent lower-quality content from showing up in your notifications. You can also mute notifications from people you don’t follow, those who don’t follow you, and more.

2. Follow Your Favorite Topic and Ditch What You Don’t Want

Whether you want to follow sports or your favorite celebrity, being able to follow your favorite topics is a great way to discover new content and users. However, interests change. Take a look at which topics you’re following and ask yourself if you still want to see that content. If there’s anything you’re no longer interested in, get rid of it. Then, fill that space with content you’ll love to see every time you open the Twitter app.

3. Create or Edit Your Twitter Circle

Have you ever wished you could share tweets with a small segment of people on Twitter? Well, you can! That’s exactly what the Twitter Circle feature is for. Think of it like your “Close Friends” list on Instagram. You can add up to 150 people to your Circle, thereby allowing you to share updates with only those who are included.

As you clean your Twitter account this spring, ask yourself if you’d benefit from a Twitter Circle that features your closest family and friends. Would you like a way to share more exclusive tweets? If so, create your Circle! And if you already have one, make sure you review who is included and add or remove people as needed.

4. Review All of Your Saved Bookmarks

Twitter Bookmarks is certainly a handy feature for when you want to revisit a tweet at a later time. For instance, you might come across an article that you’d love to read, but can’t dive into it at that exact moment. The perfect solution is to bookmark it so you can find it later!

Although, your bookmarks can become a cluttered place if you aren’t tending to them. For regular Twitter users, there’s no way to organize bookmarks. Twitter Blue subscribers, on the other hand, have the ability to create bookmark folders. Definitely beneficial!

That’s why you should scroll through your bookmarks as you clean your Twitter account. Remove any bookmarks that you’re no longer interested in. And if you have Twitter Blue, take some extra time to organize everything into individual folders. Your future self will appreciate it.

5. Make Sure Your Tip Jar is Updated

If you haven’t already, it would be smart to add some sort of payment method to the Tip Jar on your Twitter account. This way, people can send money and help you monetize. While it likely won’t generate enough money to pay your rent, it could pay for your next coffee!

Make sure you have this feature turned on and have accurate payment information displayed. Currently, you can add a variety of payment options including Venmo, Cash App, and GoFundMe, to name a few.