7 Twitter Tools That Will Make You a Power User

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There’s no denying that Twitter is a great tool for businesses, influencers, and individuals who are looking to connect with others, share valuable information, and build their brands.

However, using Twitter effectively can sometimes be a challenge. When you have a lot of tasks on your plate, you might not have the time to dedicate to your online presence. Thankfully, there are several Twitter tools that will help you manage your account with ease. And you’ll be sure to become a Twitter power user in no time at all.

7 Twitter Tools That Will Make You a Power User

The following tools will assist with so much, including scheduling, monitoring, Twitter chats, and more. If you’re looking for something new to add to your online toolbox, try these:

1. Agorapulse

When you’re investing in Twitter tools, you want to find something that can really do it all. And that’s exactly what Agorapulse has set out to accomplish. It’s an all-in-one social media management tool that provides publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools.

With the help of Agorapulse, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, schedule tweets, track mentions and keywords, and even analyze your content’s performance. After all, it’s definitely a plus to have additional tools alongside Twitter’s built-in analytics. Beginners will appreciate its user-friendly interface. And businesses are sure to love having team-related features, social listening, and customizable reports right at their fingertips.

Cost: Agorapulse offers a free plan that allows you to schedule up to 10 posts and provides the basic social inbox and reporting, plus limiting social media ROI reporting. The paid plans start at $49 per user/month.

2. Buffer

Buffer has long been a go-to for online creators, as it’s where many dipped their toes into the world of social media scheduling. And that’s largely due to the fact that it’s an accessible and affordable platform. Buffer allows you to schedule tweets to be posted at optimal times it can recommend to you. It also gives you access to analytics so you can track content performance.

However, that’s not all! You and your team can collaborate within Buffer to create on-brand content. There’s even the Buffer AI assistant that can help you generate new ideas, repurpose content you’ve already created, and rewrite your copy. Perfect if you need a content boost!

Cost: Buffer offers a free plan that allows you to connect up to three social channels and provides access to their planning and publishing tools, the landing page building, and the AI assistant. The paid plans start at $6 per month for one channel.

3. Hootsuite

A valuable tool for businesses and social media managers, Hootsuite aims to help you save time and generate real results online. Hootsuite always comes recommended for those looking for the best Twitter tools because it allows you to plan content, stay on top of trends, and it makes scheduling content a breeze.

There’s also a social listening tool to help you monitor mentions of your brand. The built-in analytics allow you to track content performance. Plus, if you’re running ads on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, you can manage them in Hootsuite.

Cost: Hootsuite does not offer a free plan. Paid plans start at $99 per month.

4. Social Jukebox

If you’re guilty of letting your social media queue get empty, Social Jukebox will solve that problem for you. What makes Social Jukebox different from other Twitter tools is that you can create a library of content that will be repurposed over and over.

What you’ll do is create different “Jukeboxes” where you’ll plug in as much content as you’d like. Thousands of posts if you’re feeling creative! Then, you set it up to publish posts from your Jukeboxes throughout the day. When it has used all of your posts, it starts over again. This means you’ll never have to stress about having enough content to post.

The reason this is so beneficial for busy creators is that it keeps your account active without any additional work on your part. You can simply add new posts when you have time. But until then, you’ll have a steady stream of tweets being published daily.

Cost: Social Jukebox does not offer a free plan. Paid plans start at $19.99 per month.

5. Brand24

Different from your average Twitter tools, Brand24 is here to help you with all your social listening needs. It works across social media, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, and more. This way, you will never miss any mention of your brand online. After all, you want to make sure you’re paying attention to what others are saying about you!

Inside Brand24’s dashboard, you can monitor mentions, analyze sentiments (whether their mentions are positive, negative, or neutral), and create reports to measure PR coverage. You’ll also have the ability to evaluate your marketing efforts against competitors, measure awareness, and get to know your customers on a deeper level. Brand24 even allows you to collaborate with your team so you can share insights with your colleagues.

This is an ideal tool for businesses looking to track their online reputation and respond to customer feedback in real time. And the best part? It’s easy to use and navigate.

Cost: Brand24 does not offer a free plan. Paid plans start at $69 per month.

6. Twitonomy

One of the great things about Twitonomy is that it has a lot to offer its users. It’s not like the other tools for Twitter in the sense that it isn’t focused on scheduling content. Instead, it’s more centered around tracking your Twitter activity. You can monitor followers by tracking growth, gaining insights, and seeing who follows you that you don’t follow back. Twitonomy even provides detailed analytics on tweets and allows you to monitor your interactions online.

It’s great for individuals and businesses who are looking to learn more about their Twitter performance so they can adjust their strategy accordingly.

Cost: Twitonomy is free to use, however, they do offer paid options with access to more features. You can subscribe for $19 per month or pay a one-time fee of $20 to use it for one month.

7. TweetDeck

Last but certainly not least, you cannot have an article about Twitter tools without mentioning TweetDeck. If you frequently participate in Twitter chats, TweetDeck has likely been essential to you for a while now. It has made running and joining Twitter chats an absolute breeze thanks to the ability to have multiple columns displayed side by side.

During chats, this is handy because you can have columns open for the chat hashtag, the host, and your personal notifications. This ensures you never miss a thing! However, it’s good for more than just those busy Twitter chat hours. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for casual tweeters and social media managers to schedule tweets and monitor keywords in real-time.

Cost: TweetDeck is owned by Twitter and is free to use.