Twitter Chat – Tweets #TwitterSmarter

Here I’m going to show you an example from my #TwitterSmarter Twitter chat. It’s everything from pre-promoting tweets, to tweets I post during and after the chat. This is in chronological order. You can follow along the time stamp of each tweet. Click here to see ALL my tweets from this particular chat in reverse chronological order.

The goal here is not to copy this exactly, but to use this as a guide to find your own way. I post a lot of tweets before and during my chat. When first starting out, you don’t need to do all of this. Some will be helpful for now. Down the road you may want to incorporate all of this. Look it over and formulate your own set of tweets for your first chat.​​

I schedule some of these tweets in Buffer, some in Hootsuite and some in Agorapulse.

I made this image using Canva. It’s a great tool that is very easy to use.

Because this is a very fast paced chat, I don’t get the chance to say Hello to everyone. I post this tweet several minutes after the chat starts to let people know I see them but can’t say Hi to each one. I do not recommend you do this until your chat has grown to sufficient size that you cannot possibly say Hello to everyone.

It is okay for you to answer the questions too!

Don’t over-promote yourself on the chat. But over time when you build up the “know, like and trust” with your audience, you can try something like this.


Here’s a cross-promotion opportunity. I teamed up with a company related to my industry and invited them to be part of my chat each week. I ask them one question that is extremely valuable to my chat community. It’s used to kick off the chat, then we dive into the Q&A with my guest. It’s cool and different. I call it Ask @hootsuite. This has been great cross-promotion for my chat. Hootsuite has 7 million Twitter followers and a highly popular Twitter chat called #HootChat.

Find what works! I do cross-promotion with Hootsuite. Their chat comes on an hour after ours. I just started adding a funny cat GIF to this particular tweet. People are loving it! When you find something that works, keep doing it.

Share your expertise if it applies to the chat.

It can be fun to let people know the next question is coming up. I got this cue from Kristy Gillentine at #ChatSnap. She does this very well!

I post this because my chat is very crowded. I’m worried I didn’t follow everyone who joined in. I do this tweet to make sure people don’t fall through the cracks.